Monday, January 30, 2012

Customer pictures of her Sweeney Todd Basement Scene and a larger BJ Doll Apothecary Chest

My dear customer has sent me pictures of her Sweeney Todd Pie Oven I made her sitting in the middle of her excellent roombox scene :)  With her permission I am posting them for you all to see because it's a cool little horror scene and fun to look at :)  Here's what she sent me, I know the Sweeney Todd fans out there will appreciate these:

The dolls were created by doll artisan Sharon Cariola from San Diego, California.  I made her the extra couple of buckets of bloody meat you see on the floor as well :)  Can't be Sweeney Todd without some blood and meat ickies, right?  I love her meat grinder you see in the background!  Thank you for permission to use and show your photographs Nancy!  Your roombox is coming along great :)

Here's what I've been making, and this is the last of my custom orders (for right now anyway) so I can get back to working on my other customer's rabbit hole.  This item pictured below is a custom built Elf's apothecary chest made for a 26" tall ball joint elf doll collection.  The measurements on this are 7 1/2 inches wide, 5 1/2 inches tall, a little over 3 inches deep.  The first pictures are of the building stage:

The lid was still off and one of the side doors wasn't hinged on yet at this point.  I was trying for very rustic, lord of the rings-ish design  like something the elves would have.  Here's the finished chest (minus some door hooks and the top medallion) that hasn't been filled yet with potions, etc.  I'm doing that tonight and tomorrow:

I love the handles, I made them out of 4 individual metal parts so they're one of a kind handles.  I'll post pictures when I get it all filled with stuff.

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  1. WOW the room scene is going to be fabulous, what great dolls, really evil looking in a great way! Your oven looks totally perfect and the scale is magnificent to them. Im very envious! xxx