Thursday, January 12, 2012

Updated-Dollhouse Miniature Harry Potter Potions Master Chest of Ingredients completed

A couple new pictures showing details you couldn't see before:

*What you are looking at are pictures taken outside in a snowstorm :o My inside pictures never turn out, everything looks 10 times worse if I do that. So out I went, and the result isn't much better. Tiny snow bits show up on the miniature, so of course it doesn't really look all white spotty. The sky was dark so the pictures are still unclear and this is so incredibly MUCH MUCH nicer than these pictures show. I'm really proud of this mini, in person it's a visual feast for the eyes if you like witch or wizard miniatures.

Ok, that being said-I'll tell you about what you can't see in the photographs. The chest is black, with antique gold metal filigree pieces on the sides of the doors (which you can't see here) and also on the top of the chest. In the center of the filigree is a single tiny red crystal like on the drawer fronts. You can shut the doors on the sides and the top folds down as well, although they don't shut completely and there is a tiny gap because the cabinet is so stuffed with potions ingredients. Every nook and cranny is filled to the brim with bottles, filled bowls, and labeled ingredients of every kind from the books and movies. A list of included ingredients and potions:

-Ashwinder Eggs

-Bezoars (the thing Harry gave Ron when he was poisoned after eating chocolates containing love potion in the Half Blood Prince)

-Boomslang Skin


-Mandrake Root

-Billywig Sting

-Black Beedle Eyes

-Venomous Tentacula Leaves


-Bulbotuber Puss

-Amortentia Love Potion

-Acromantula Venom (from the giant spiders in the movie :)




-Vux Myristica




-Blood Root

-Bicorn Horn

-Doxie Eggs

-Bat Spleen
Each drawer contains the ingredient it's labeled for, such as tiny eggs, blood roots, tiny mushrooms, grasses, tiny sculpted horns and bat spleens, etc. All of the tiny bottles are well decorated and clearly labeled. The top of the cabinet holds small dishes holding various ingredients and they are also clearly labeled. A small Potion Book is strapped to the lid and it's made of real leather. It's removable should you want to take it out, although I would be careful if you do.
I'll try to get better pictures in the upcoming days if I can due to weather conditions here :( I really wish you could clearly see all of the wonderful details that this is packed full of. This is a highly detailed miniature that took me two days to make.
Here's my icky snow covered pictures of it:

Available here:


  1. LOL! I don't know about you, but the small specks of snow on this is kind of unique. Remember it did snow when Potter was at school! Love it!

  2. I'm your newest blog follower! The detail you put into everything is just incredible.

    1. Oh thank you dear :) I'm still learning as I go along, new things all of the time. I haven't been doing this two years yet. I joined your blog as well :)