Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Couple new fairy miniatures for sale now

Hello everyone how have you all been?  Good hopefully.  I just wanted to let everyone know that I just listed a couple new miniatures for sale in my etsy store.  Here they are:  
So I have made a fairy pram carriage scene as well as a fairy floor chest surrounded by a nature base with plants. I've gotten a lot of messages requesting more fairy pieces and have finally gotten around to doing it.  Life is busy around here and I don't often get time to work on minis as much.  Summer with the kids home, you know how it goes. Also, we have recently adopted three lovely parrots who are as needy as any young child and my attention has also been on them.  This is Sailor, our greenwing macaw: 
She loves to go shopping with us in stores that allow pets. And this is Mako who is half her size, he's a goffins cockatoo with a few problems from a bad life prior to coming home with us
This is Tazzy who is a green cheek conure and he's my little shoulder bird.
Parrots are a ton of work, they have special dietary needs like a variety of fresh vegetables and fruits chopped for them daily, as well as grains, legumes and tree nuts given every day and bird seed is not good for them.  Sort of like us eating cheeseburgers every day instead of healthier options.  They die much sooner on an all seed diet.  I also provide them a healthy high quality pellet food option daily like roudybush or zupreme brands.  My macaw will live 80 years, outlive us and go to my son who is happy to take her.  Please research well in advance if you ever take home a bird.  They have special needs and can be very messy.  I clean up after them every single day so be prepared for that if you decide to get one.  I have to use all natural cleaners because regular are toxic to birds.  Even Teflon cooking pans are toxic to them so we had to switch to ceramic and stainless steel.  So much work but so worth it, they really added some fun to our lives.