Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Back with a new Miniature Witch or Wizard Mucky Cauldron Tower :)

I've been long gone for awhile now, but I'm finally back to work.  I had to take some time off for home improvements.

Here's what I made this time around, a stack of mucky cauldrons with left over potion in them, what a mess! I think these would look fabulous outside a witch or wizard shop, or even inside a wizard-themed room.

Here's the official description:
  The piece roughly measures 4 1/4 inches wide at the base, a little over 5 inches tall, and is a little over 2 inches deep. It's completely hand made, all the cauldrons are hand sculpted, the owl is hand sculpted and painted. The little bottle of cauldron cleaner has a handmade brush for scrubbing the cauldrons out. The cauldrons are mucked up with left over potions, all dribbling and oozing over the sides of the cauldrons. I have a process uniquely my own for making vibrantly-colored faux water or in this case potion :) No one can reproduce this effect but me because I am the only one who knows the process. I personally feel this gives the best effect possible. These are so much better in person, I'm having a rough time taking photos due to the weather right now. Trust me when I say this miniature scene is very nice in person and anyone who buys it will be pleasantly surprised when they see it in person. 

The floor is faux flagstone.

Here's the photos (bad due to weather, look at all the snow we got!)

Ok so it's available here and it's ONE OF A KIND, please don't ask me to make this again anyone!  It was time consuming, yikes.

I would like to draw attention to a charity campaign I just learned of called END7.  Here's a video (it's disturbing, please be advised) for anyone to watch to see what it's about if you choose to:

Please like END7 on facebook and anyone who can help out there is information there on how to donate:  

Thanks for viewing and God bless.