Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Dollhouse Miniature Nightmare Before Christmas Tree is done!

All done, finally yay!!!  Wow wow wow is all I can say about how difficult and time consuming this tree was for me.  It took weeks of work, and man I will NEVER make it again!  By the time I finished, I had to breathe a sigh of relief because I was finally free lol!  This little booger was a hard one for me.  I had a heck of a time making Jack, he felt like punishment to me in the end :)

So here it is, all done:

I took these in different light so the colors are different from the two different places I shot it.  One was inside and one was outside.

This item is available for sale here:

Have a great evening everyone!  :)

Monday, September 15, 2014

A New Dollhouse Miniature Halloween Witch or Wizard Bed, and an update on my Nightmare Before Christmas Tree

I thought I'd share my new witch or wizard bed with you all, as well as let you know what's going on with the tree I was working on.

New bed:

And my tree hit a little bit of a roadblock because of finding fabric for Jack's suit locally.  Apparently our only store in the area that carried a wide assortment of fabrics was shut down due to relocation and the new store was not open yet.  Whaaa.  I had no idea since I hadn't been there for awhile, so that left me searching for another source for tiny pinstripe suit material.  I think I finally have one that works as of yesterday, so I'll get to work suiting that little skelly man :)  Everything else is done.  I'll post a couple photos of what I have done and the tree will be all done once I get Jack dressed.

 That would be the backside of the tree.

One step away from completion.  Jack is sculpted, just not dressed.

Be back later with my final update on this tree.

Thanks so much for your kind comments everyone, sorry I didn't answer back.  It's been mad around here and we just tore down our old upper cabinets the past few days.  BIG mess.

I assure you I read the comments and appreciate them all :)  Hugs-Tara, 19th Day Miniatures  

Friday, September 5, 2014

New Dollhouse Miniature Halloween Project

Hello fellow mini buddies :)  Fall is fast approaching and I thought I'd share my one and only (I think) major mini project I'm working on this season.  I was watching a documentary on Netflix called Maidentrip about a young dutch girl who sailed around the world on her own.  During the show I noticed that she wore a beanie hat with Jack Skellington's face from the movie Nightmare Before Christmas.  It reminded me of my MIL Sherry's tree she made in that theme and I realized I never made one of my own in that theme.  Nightmare Before Christmas was such a well loved movie, and is still brilliant to this day.  It was amazing to me the impact it had all over the world and that even today people still love it and wear the apparel.

It made me want to do a tree myself.  So I've been working on it little by little because of the amount of clay work required for this theme.  I got a little carried away making characters and things I saw when I rewatched the movie.  I still have a ways to go before it's done.  Zero the ghost dog needs another coat of glow in the dark paint (he looks a little streaky right now but glows so ghostly and spooky in the dark!) Here's what I have so far:

The little swirly knoll thing will have Jack Skellington standing up on it handing a candy cane to Zero his dog.  Behind him I plan on having a moon with Oogie Boogie's shadow on it, as shown here:

Pretty much the majority of everything on the tree is hand-sculpted or painted by hand or both :)  I made several characters from the movie worked into candy displays.  Even the little zombie duck with bullet holes is on there which is a toy gifted by Jack to a child on Christmas when he impersonated "Sandy Claus".  Hehehe :)  Even the funky headstone is the one Sally hid behind in the graveyard as Jack sang about feeling lost and bored with his life.  There is also a platter of fancy assorted creepy foods like an eyeball cocktail with a candy cane stir stick, eyeball toast hors d'oeuvres, and moldy cheese on the tree.  Watched over by the cutest little bowed Christmas mouse with a candy cane.  He's so tiny it's hard to see him on the photo but he's adorable.  I picked him up on ebay.

I'll post an update when I have this tree done.

Happy collecting everyone :)