Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Updated photographs-New Dollhouse Miniature Witch Sewing Cabinet :)

Updated photos:

Ok it's far too dark out right now for good pictures so please bear with me.  I'll update this later with decent pictures but for now this is all I have.  Remember this fairy sewing cabinet?

This was really popular with people for some reason.  I wanted to do a witchy version of it because hey, it's Halloween season!  So that's what I did.  Here's what I did (and remember these are super bad photos in bad lighting so it looks way worse than it actually is and I'll post new pics later today):

Listing is here:

So sorry I'm not having time to respond to comments right now everyone, it's so hectic here I can barely keep up with anything :(  I'm currently shooting tons of photos for Sherry's jewelry store because she brought a huge box of jewelry she made for me to list.  I'm having trouble keeping up with my own store right now.  And I haven't forgotten about my mad tea party, it's just on hold due to the Halloween season stuff.  I'll eventually be back with more of the characters made.  They just take me awhile because making animals and people is much harder for me.

More of Sherry's jewelry:

All available here in her etsy store:

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A few Halloween or Witchy Haunted House Miniatures and some more of Sherry's jewelry

I've put together a couple of goth/haunted house/witchy/ etc. minis in time for the Halloween season, a canopy bed and a goth curiosities cabinet as pictured below:

A little spell board and spell book sit on the bed as though set aside for a moment :)

The glare on the glass is making the magnified tarantula spider in the bottom right hand side of the cabinet not show up in the pictures.  In person it's completely clear :(  These really aren't good pictures (too early in the morning outside for good light so I'll have to reshoot them later today).

And now more reshoots of Sherry's jewelry:

Man I love my new camera!  So much better pictures :)

All jewelry available here in Sherry's store: