Friday, June 29, 2012

Dollhouse Miniature Alice in Wonderland Table Updates, and some witch miniatures

Still working on this in what little time I have before our family trip to Universal Studios Orlando.  We're leaving in 8 days and my store will be in vacation mode in 6 days.  Otherwise I won't be able to ship anything out.  So this set will have to be finished afterward.  I'm really wanting to try out the characters and place them in the chairs they're supposed to be in.  I'm not sure how that will turn out, but I'm going to try.  Alice will be really tricky for me, but I'm going to see what I can do.  I also made the stack of books Mallymkun stands on:
I need to put braces on the legs of the stool but other than that it's done.  I got in some chairs that are as close to the originals as I could find from the movie.  One was a cane back chair and instead I bought this chair because I couldn't find one close enough to the one in the movie but this is close enough:
Here's the final chair, the March Hare's chair which had a torn back and was pretty worn out looking which I tried my best to copy:
I also built the aged and slightly dingy padded bench at the end of the table for the Cheshire Cat as seen in this picture:
See it down there on the end of the table?  Now I have all the chairs.  After I brace the stool legs I was planning on trying out Mallymkun, the little mouse:

She needs to be standing on the stack of books/stool chair.  Truly I'm going to try really really hard on these characters so I hope they turn out ok. 

I did put together a couple witchy minis as well in between when I got to worn down on making that stuff, I always need some sort of break when working on a larger project:
Available here:

And a dragon book:

Available here:

Ok everyone, this is the last post for now until I get back from Florida!  Hugs and have a great couple of weeks :)  Enjoy the summer!

Monday, June 18, 2012

The start of a Miniature Mad Tea Party :) Alice in Wonderland that is...

Remember this:

I love this version of Alice personally.  I know that the mad tea party is set up on a variety of small tables, but I really wanted to make this and make it strong and easy to handle.  I built one larger table, well, long actually.  Just under 9 inches long and very sturdy.  I've been working on chairs, a few of them needing to be made from scratch.  Including the mad hatter's very tall, thin worn out gray wingback chair.  In the movie it was very weathered, having sat out in the elements and the damp of the outdoors while the Hatter waited years for Alice to return to Underland.  Time became quite offended and stopped all together :)  And thus this needs to be the tea time that time itself forgot.  Worn out elegance, decaying with time.  Somewhat of a mess, after all the Hatter finds it quite easy to walk right over the table rather than around it!  And so it shall be, starting with the chair.  I literally wore the dickens out of it, and it really looks as though it has sat out in the elements for years.  No miniature chair was tall enough, thin enough, or worn enough.  So I had to make one.  I think it's close enough to the original.  Here's my basic start:

 The chair with the pillows piled was the one Alice sat on when she was too small.  I have loads more to do so stay tune!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Winners of the giveaway announced!

I would like to congratulate the winners of the 19th Day Miniatures Blog Giveaway!  Winners will please contact me through my store with your home addresses!  I know who you are, because I have your "join" emails but I will need to know where I'm shipping to :)

First place goes to....Michael of Michael's Magical Miniatures!  His blog is here where he's doing a fabulous Harry Potter scene:

Michael if you could please pop in with your address it's much easier for me that way :)  Congrats on first choice of the mandrakes!  They are much nicer in person, trust me.  My pictures didn't turn out well at all.

Second choice goes to...Rosamargarita!  Here is her lovely miniature blog:
Please stop in and give me your shipping address Rosamargarita, congrats!

Third place goes to...Anna of Its a tiny tiny World:

Again I'll need you to pop into my store again with your address Anna :)

She will receive the last mandrake plant.  Congrats!  Please stop in with your home address so I can ship you your mini.

I will let Rosamargarita know as soon as I get word from Michael on his choice.  The other two she can choose from.  Anna will get the remaining plant-but hey, free is free right?  Even though the pictures make them look worse than they really are, they are all pretty similar and much nicer than in the photos!  If I had my choice from where I'm setting, there really isn't much of a difference to me.  They're all pretty good and I know the winners will think they are much better than those pictures show them to be!

Yay winners!  Thank you to all who joined and please remember there will be more giveaways!  You could be one of the next winners :)  Hugs everyone-Tara, 19th Day Minis

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Blog Giveaway in 2 days, if you haven't joined stop in!

Ok, life is undeniably more complicated now that school's out :)  I've not have the time I usually have to work on minis.  I did just finish up my giveaway Harry Potter Mandrake Plants though.  I made three, for the choice of three for my first, second and third place winners.

*If you would like your name to be added to the giveaway, please visit my store at this link and left me know you're joining the giveaway and what your blog follower name is on here (you must be a follower of this blog to join).  Here's the link to my etsy store, just use the ask seller a question button on the side of the screen:

Here's what I have for the winners:
Ok this is a terrible, dark picture but you can see these are HP Mandrake Plants.  These look tons better in person, these pictures make them look so much worse than they really are in person.

This is number one choice:

 Number two choice:

Number three choice:
Number two is much better in person, that picture is truly terrible, sorry about that.  It looks every bit as good as the other ones, who also look loads better in person.  Trust me on that, my camera is bad!

Anyways, please stop into my store and let me know you're joining for a chance to win a Mandrake free of charge.

This will be my last blog giveaway of the year, from here on out I will host one giveaway per year.  They will be announced as they come up.  K?  Alrighty then :)

Here's how they look on the top of a mini cabinet, as a reminder of size (this is not a giveaway item):

These are slightly larger by just a little than regular 1:12 plants.  Why?  Sculpting something so small is really difficult!  I did what I could as small as I could manage.

I also listed these items in my store:

A witch's table setting for any miniature table:

what you're looking at:  a witch hat cupcake display with icky cupcakes, a poison apple pie with star cutouts, a cookie pedestal stand with icky cookies, four black and gold plates, a magical pouring teapot pouring tea into a teacup with matching tray and sugar and creamers, and two witchy bottles for sitting anywhere.  Available for sale here:

And a fairy door for the outside garden yard or terrarium:
This is made of weather-resistant things for outdoor use (like in front of a tree base or bushy plant) and is available here for sale:

And one final note, I'm beginning my Alice in Wonderland Mad Tea Party Table as seen in the Tim Burton version of the movie.  I'm starting it tonight :)  I still have plans for the steampunk mini house based on the amazing writing of H.P. Lovecraft.  Anyone who is a lover of interesting historical horror needs to pick up a copy of this book:
as found here on ebay:
which is wonderfully written.

A sample story in this book can be read here:

I've really enjoyed reading on it as I can (my time is limited to little bits at a time right now like with minis so I haven't got far)

Anyway, please stay tuned for updates about the Alice tea table.  Hugs everyone!  ~Tara