Monday, June 18, 2012

The start of a Miniature Mad Tea Party :) Alice in Wonderland that is...

Remember this:

I love this version of Alice personally.  I know that the mad tea party is set up on a variety of small tables, but I really wanted to make this and make it strong and easy to handle.  I built one larger table, well, long actually.  Just under 9 inches long and very sturdy.  I've been working on chairs, a few of them needing to be made from scratch.  Including the mad hatter's very tall, thin worn out gray wingback chair.  In the movie it was very weathered, having sat out in the elements and the damp of the outdoors while the Hatter waited years for Alice to return to Underland.  Time became quite offended and stopped all together :)  And thus this needs to be the tea time that time itself forgot.  Worn out elegance, decaying with time.  Somewhat of a mess, after all the Hatter finds it quite easy to walk right over the table rather than around it!  And so it shall be, starting with the chair.  I literally wore the dickens out of it, and it really looks as though it has sat out in the elements for years.  No miniature chair was tall enough, thin enough, or worn enough.  So I had to make one.  I think it's close enough to the original.  Here's my basic start:

 The chair with the pillows piled was the one Alice sat on when she was too small.  I have loads more to do so stay tune!


  1. I can't wait to see more of your project!

  2. LOVE the chair! It looks awesome (the blue one).

  3. I just found your blog last night and soo happy that I did! Soo much eye candy and all of my favorite things all in one blog. I can't wait to see how the tea party turns out. Happy min-ing!!!

  4. I'm working on it as I can (my time is so limited with everyone home) and I can't wait to get further along. Hopefully I get somewhere before my vacation in a couple weeks. We're going to HP theme park, universal studios Florida, and the wet and wild waterpark. I'll bring back lots of photos :) We get to go to a luau! Yay!

    Welcome Jennybee, it's good to have you with us!