Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Updated information at bottom-A give away commences, and two more magic Harry Potter miniatures are done!

Super super busy around here now that school's out,  but I've been trying my best to get things done around everything else.
Let me post pictures of the new minis I've made recently, both one of a kind-when they're gone...they are GONE :)

Professor Trelawney's fortune telling table:

And Professor Sprout's Herbology Cabinet with magical plants of all kinds:

Both available here:

Blog Giveaway Information~~~~~
And now for the giveaway information, which I know is very late.  Sorry about that!  I plan on making 3 individual mandrake plants like the ones on the top of this cabinet for the giveaway.  I haven't made them yet but I will.  If you'd like to join this giveaway, click on the link to my etsy store right above this message.  Leave me a message with your blog username and please make sure you have joined my friends list on this blog.  Anyone who is not a member will be disqualified.  This is open to the general public with no previous store purchase needed.  I'll post the mandrakes when I make them, and first place winner will have first choice of them.  Second place winner will get second choice, and third place winner will get the last available mandrake plant.  These will be dollhouse scale, 1/12 scale.  The mini will stand no more than 2 inches tall.  Drop in an join the giveaway in my etsy store!  Use the contact the seller button on the side of the screen.  Good luck everyone!  Hugs-Tara, 19th Day Minis

*  I think it will run for 2 weeks, so I'll be taking names in my shop until June 12th.

~~~~Please click this link and pop into my store to let me know you're joining the giveaway if you do wish to join the giveaway so I don't have to go hunting for you later should you be one of the winners!  Thank you, this will save me time and trouble later :)  If you don't do this you probably won't be entered in the drawing! I could get busy and miss someone accidentally -

Friday, May 18, 2012

Miniature Misty Forest Fairy House completed

I think I still need better pictures but at least it's done!  I got a little sick so I stalled on it a bit.  Here's what I have for pictures and I will be listing it for sale after this although I'll have to change my pictures when I get better ones tomorrow.  Here it is:

Available here for sale in my etsy shop: 
I've had some really busy days and some sick ones so I didn't get a chance to decide what to do for the giveaway.  I'll be back in a couple days with that info.  Check back in for the upcoming blog post about that.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Miniature Misty Forest Fairy House update 5-14-12

Getting closer to done, just finishing up the yard before I can start the final thing-the roof.  I thought I'd show some shots of it in progress like usual for those people who are interested in the building process and like to try their own similar projects.  I see we need to have another give away because of reaching another 50 followers, so I'll have to think about what to do there.  I'm really busy right now so I'm not sure what exactly I'll have time for but there will be something.  Stay tuned to details on that.  Welcome everyone new!  Good to have you on board :)  And thanks so much for all of your nice comments guys and girls!  I love 'em and read them all.  I just wish I had time to respond to everyone of them.  School's getting out in 2 days and I think my current madness around here will just get worse!  Summer here means lots of extra kids and feeding and taking care of everyone and everything!  And we have quite a lot of ground here to take care of as well, nearly a city block to maintain-yikes.  Mowing the grass takes two of us a full day.  And one of us is on a tractor!  So bear with me if my posts here get a little behind schedule.  I work when I can on minis but there never seems to be enough time in my day.  And I'm back to work on my house again as well, working on my kitchen ceiling right now.  Anyways, explanations aside, here's what I've got done on my fairy house:

A sweet little picture of a frog couple buried in the moss in front of the antique key.

I ordered this lovely antique skeleton key from England.  It's gorgeous!  I thought it would look great laying in the greenery as though it was a lost key the fairies had taken to their home.  Perhaps the key to the secret garden like in the book :)

As you can see, the roof is still removable which was nice for pictures so it wasn't so dark inside.  And when it's on you can't tell it can be removed which is good.  It doesn't ruin the look of the house.  Hopefully the next time I post here this will be done.  It's larger than what I usually ship so I'll have to go to the post office to find out what it'll be before it will be available for sale.  I think it's turning out pretty so far.  I can't wait to see how water effects turn out on the roof shingles!  That should be quite a challenge :)

I'll be back with info on the next giveaway as well as new pictures of the finished fairy house.  Hugs everyone! 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Update on the Miniature Misty Forest Fairy Refuge House

I'm trucking along as I can on this pretty little fairy house between work on my kitchen ceiling (yes still renovating this old farm house) and dealing with my very clingy new puppy who has a case of separation anxiety.  Sheesh, she is right under my feet all the time!  Lilybelle even had to be crated on a table beside my bed because if she can't see me she barks all night no matter what room she's in (we can still hear the little fluffball).  I tried putting her in bed with me but that didn't go well, I couldn't move and I had a living breathing very furry heating pad plastered to my extremely hot skin who wiggled and bugged me all night as well.  Wow.  Ok then enough about house and pet problems, ya'll don't come here to listen to that do you???  :)  Ok then.  I'm far from done but I have a respectable start at least.  The inside is almost done.  I just need to put a couple little fairy dishes on the mushroom table and the inside is good.  The outside will need a lot of TLC before I'll call it good.  I do like the leaf-drip water feed system for the bathtub, which had to go outside due to room constraints.  The roof will have water drips too as though it has been raining in the Misty Forest where this little house has been standing for quite some time.  At least that's how I hope it comes across.  I never see any fairy houses with water features so I wanted to do one.  Not only for uniqueness but also for the look of it.  Water is pretty to look at.  I think it should be essential for anything fairy related and I plan on adding something with water to every house from here on out.  I think my own unique way of doing water (which is time consuming and painstaking but worth the end look because my water is vibrant-colored.  This water feature took me two days of work on just that.  But I love it so it's worth it in the end.  I'll just show you what I did now:

Lots of glare going on in these photos but you get the idea.

I still have work to do on the outside of the house, so what you see now might change some.  And I plan on leaving the roof removable so that whomever buys this can peer inside and see everything.  The lid will set on and you won't know from looking at it that it can come off so visually it'll still look good.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Another 19th Day Miniatures fairy house project under way

I've started another fairy house, my last one of the year as far as I know.  I'm eager to get back on some witchy minis, the steampunk/mad scientist lab house that's my fall spooky project, as well as a project that I've been thinking of doing for quite some time.  I've penciled in one last Alice in Wonderland project, but not just any project.  I've wanted to do the tea party scene for quite awhile, and I'm doing it some time this year.  And when I do it, it'll be done to the very best of my ability because there's something about it that I've always loved.  It's so preposterous and funny I guess.  Absurd, and it just tickles my funny bone :)  I've always known I would do it at some point.  But I have a few projects ahead of it to do so stay tuned.  Matter of fact I think at some point I might do two different versions of it, the standard one, and one that's very "malice in wonderland"....completely goth and disturbing!  How would that be for a Halloween decoration, a spooky Alice decoration?  Sounds fun to me!  Anywho, I'll shush up and just post some pictures of my basic start on this fairy house.  So much to do yet, lots of mossing inside the house before I can glue furniture in place.  I also need to finish trimming out windows and areas with twigs.  And I have a couple of lovely fairish things that go on the walls as well so it's not how it will look in the end inside there.  Here's some pictures of what I've been making:
This is a twig stand I made with a mossy shelf on top and a basket of floral things underneath.  On the shelf are little fairy potion bottles and a couple of red apples.  I couldn't get a decent shot of this, it's quite pretty in person-more so that you can tell by this.  This will go in the back corner of the cottage.  I think I might make it so the top can be removed from the house so that things could be added or so that you can get a bird's eye view of all the things inside the house.  The top is removable right now, I usually glue them down but this one I might not. 

This will be the little fairy bed, made on a half shell with a leaf canopy and hand-crocheted bedding.  This picture is horrible, I might have to retake these later.  It's rainy and dark here right now, and it's affecting my photos badly.
One of those little fairy tubs I make with the shimmering blue water.  This and some bath things will be mounted up high in the room against a wall because after all, fairies can fly!
A twig bench and a mushroom table will round out the kitchen setting nicely :)  Again, BAD pictures :(  I am so sick of this weather here! Grrrrrrrr!

Again, difficult to see here but that would be a sink basin on the tree bark counter top with a water pump with water running into the basin.  On the floor sits a bucket of brown mushrooms and vegetation growing.  The inside of the house I wanted to look mossy, damp, and aged like it had sat on the forest floor in some hidden place for a very long time.  Still so much to do to it though before I glue down furniture. 
Still lots of twigging and mossing to do in there.  I might make rustic little curtain panels, don't know yet.
Stay tuned for updates :)  Thanks for stopping in everyone and have a wonderful day!



Thursday, May 3, 2012

Now listed for sale-Miniature Alice in Wonderland Rabbit Hole Scene complete, available for sale tomorrow night :)

New pics:

These below will be dark inside shots of the lights inside the rabbit hole lit up:

Previous pictures below:

Layers of the earth in sand and stone with a poly coating over it.  Very sturdy!

Can't clearly see "Dinah" the cat here in this shot but she's up there looking down the hole.

This shot is to show scale, taken next to my teenage son.

Anyway, it'll be listed tomorrow night after I package it up and get a shipping price idea from the post office on international and domestic.  I know for sure this will have to ship at the higher international rate because the box will be too big for the cheaper option.