Thursday, August 8, 2013

Dollhouse Miniature Tea with Fairies Cabinet 1/12 scale

Hello, back with another cutie patootie cabinet in the fairy theme.

Also, I just wanted everyone to know that I will soon be switching focus to smaller individual miniature accessories because I don't have enough time in my personal life to complete these larger pieces at the moment.  I can complete smaller items far better right now so that's what I'll be doing.  I so love the creative process of working on whole decorated furniture pieces but I simply can't find the time.  I'll be making things like small animals, potion bottles, spell boards, cauldrons, potted plants and flower arrangements, wands, etc.  So it'll be small things for quite some time while we roll on our bathroom renovations.  Tonight I'm picking up some tile for a bathroom sink backsplash area, and I'll be tilting a wall for the first time in my life. so exciting!  I can't wait to see how it turns out :)  

 I'm about to leave home soon so I'll have to keep this short and sweet :)

just love making little fairy cabinets! They're so darling :) I think this one turned out very well. It's rustic and charming, a little woodland tea cabinet with china and flowers abounding. I can really see this tucked into some woodland glade, hidden at the base of a tree :) Perhaps in a hollowed tree opening even. The top is decorated thus:
Pumpkin stack with vines, red cap mushrooms, a woodland flower arrangement, a tall pillar candle in holder, snail shells, mosses, and a fantastic tiny fairy castle in weathered greens and brown with rustic red and white spotted roof spires as though they were made of mushroom heads :) It's not photographing well, it's so much cooler in person. 
The middle section of the cabinet includes:
Teapot, teacup, platter, a bronze mantle clock, floral arrangements, a framed portrait of a flower fairy, crystals, seashell, drippy candle, mosses, a running rabbit figurine, a tiny mushroom bird.
The outside of the cabinet is mossy, vined, and has one small mushroom growing from the base. Too cute!

                                                    Have a good day everyone :)  Hugs!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Dollhouse Miniature Mermaid Cove Seashell Cabinet

Hi everyone :)  How have you all been this summer?  I hope you've had a great one!

We're still working on our old farmhouse, and that has really kept me away from minis for quite some time. I'm really trying to fit some mini work in when I can, which is few and far between still at this point.  I'm on a beachy, ocean kick.  We're doing our bathrooms nautical inspired, after a recent trip to the ocean.  We were reminded of how much we love it there.  Here in Illinois we don't have much of an ocean view, so I'm bringing all things related to the sea to us :)  It's fun, and we all love it.  Here's a photo feed of the kinds of fun things we're getting for our new bathrooms if anyone likes nautical things:

So in the middle of designing a couple of nautical bathrooms, it made me want to make a nautical mini.  I started by painting the cabinet a weathered gray because it's a nice light nautical base color. I pearlized the handles, added sparkling sands, beach glass, seashells of all kinds, a hand-made seashell topper for the cabinet which looks like a nautical crown of sorts. There are treasures abounding all over the cabinet, the sort of thing a mermaid might pick up in her daily travels around the ocean. There are water plants growing from the sandy outcroppings of the cabinet, a ship in a bottle, jewels, two genuine stone dolphins, one in jade and the other in rose quartz. The top of the cabinet sports a lovely seashell flower arrangement with gray pearl, a cute vintage photo of a mermaid child, and a basket of beachy flowers and seashells. A gorgeous framed copy of Waterhouse's "The Mermaid" painting graces the door of the cabinet which does not open (sand and plants in front of it).

Roughly 7 1/2 inches tall because of the greenery sticking up, the base is around 4 3/4 inches wide. 

Available here:

Have a great "rest of the summer", what's left of it guys and girls!  Have a blessed day :)

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Dollhouse Miniature Witching Hour Witch Cooking Stove and Side Counter with Witchy Foods

Hello all, long time no see huh?  So sorry, I've been so very busy!  We've been working big time on our old farmhouse, and it hasn't left much time for mini making.  I'll slowly be getting back into minis as I can.  The kids are home from school right now, which also makes it tough to work.  Someone always needs Mom lol.

I started this little witch stove and side counter ages ago, and it's been done for quite some time.  I literally haven't had time to list it until now.  Here's what I did:   I took a stove and grungied it up to make it look more witchy, attached a side counter for more surface preparation area, tiled it and added the background scrolly circle panels to the back of the stove. Then came the fun part, the foods and accessories! A canister of living death draught, witchy "filled" bottles with deadly tags, a grungy clock that says "witching hour", a large kettle with bubbly green icky eyeball potion that has bubbled over the edge, a book of spells and potions with a vintage witch image on the front, a sauteing pan of buttery frog legs, a smaller kettle containing a boiling crow breast with magically pouring blue potion bottle (Hey, she is making some crow pie on the side counter after all :) an icky knife, a small old fashioned lamp, a bottle of flour, A standing recipe for crow pie with a decorative crow on top, a cutting board with a rolled out pie crust top and flour on it with a cute little toadstool rolling pin, and a half-finished crow pie which contains the called for crow breast meat, slices of boiled egg, and meaty gravy. It's so cute in person! Inside the stove on one side is the log fire, the other side has a baking roast with carrots, mushrooms, potatoes, and a bone in roast. Inside the side drawer of the counter are cooking utensils and a pot lid. A little gungy green checked towel completes the look.

The whole thing measures roughly 5 and half inches wide, just under five inches tall, and just over 2 1/2 inches deep.

Here's some rather bad photos, I didn't realize that after sitting so long it would have a bit of dust on it.  I'll of course clean it all up if anyone wants it.

I wish I had time to reshoot the photos but I honestly don't have any time for anything right now.  I can't even stay on here and chat, I have to go to town right now for more building supplies :(

Hugs everyone, I hope you have the BEST summer and may you all have nice vacations!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Back with a new Miniature Witch or Wizard Mucky Cauldron Tower :)

I've been long gone for awhile now, but I'm finally back to work.  I had to take some time off for home improvements.

Here's what I made this time around, a stack of mucky cauldrons with left over potion in them, what a mess! I think these would look fabulous outside a witch or wizard shop, or even inside a wizard-themed room.

Here's the official description:
  The piece roughly measures 4 1/4 inches wide at the base, a little over 5 inches tall, and is a little over 2 inches deep. It's completely hand made, all the cauldrons are hand sculpted, the owl is hand sculpted and painted. The little bottle of cauldron cleaner has a handmade brush for scrubbing the cauldrons out. The cauldrons are mucked up with left over potions, all dribbling and oozing over the sides of the cauldrons. I have a process uniquely my own for making vibrantly-colored faux water or in this case potion :) No one can reproduce this effect but me because I am the only one who knows the process. I personally feel this gives the best effect possible. These are so much better in person, I'm having a rough time taking photos due to the weather right now. Trust me when I say this miniature scene is very nice in person and anyone who buys it will be pleasantly surprised when they see it in person. 

The floor is faux flagstone.

Here's the photos (bad due to weather, look at all the snow we got!)

Ok so it's available here and it's ONE OF A KIND, please don't ask me to make this again anyone!  It was time consuming, yikes.

I would like to draw attention to a charity campaign I just learned of called END7.  Here's a video (it's disturbing, please be advised) for anyone to watch to see what it's about if you choose to:

Please like END7 on facebook and anyone who can help out there is information there on how to donate:

Thanks for viewing and God bless.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Another miniature fairy cabinet :)

I was planning on taking a little break from fairy stuff but it has been selling so well that I thought I might as well keep going on it.  This one is now available since I just finished it today.  I thought I might do a fairy candy cabinet since I haven't made one in this theme yet.


I tore a cabinet apart and rebuilt some of it with bricks and moss.  The pictures are always terrible this time of year because it's so cold, windy, and the light usually isn't great in the winter time.  All of my items are really so much nicer in person but you can't tell by these :(

Anywho, this cabinet is available for now but all of these have been going FAST! 

I had made this a few days ago and it's gone now, it sold right away:

Thanks everyone for your kind comments, I LOVE hearing your opinions!

Hugs-Tara, 19th Day Minis

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

What I've been up to lately in Dollhouse Miniatures :)

Ok I have been working, I just haven't blogged for awhile.  Really busy around here like usual, yikes.

Here's what's come up since I last blogged, although some of it has now sold:

Fairy fireplace (sold)
Steampunk Wizard/Witch floor chest with Leafy Forest Dragon guarding her eggs (available)
Cottage style magically pouring fairy tea set (sold)
Cottage style magically pouring fairy tea set (sold)
Romantic style magically pouring fairy tea set (sold)

And finally this I just finished up today, another fairy sewing notion cabinet and stool set:

Available here:

And I'd like to post a link to Sherry and I's jewelry shop once again:

Some new things will soon be added to that shop as well.  And many nice things are currently in there now :)

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Dollhouse Miniature Wizard of Oz Theme Tree now complete

Sorry for the long wait everyone, but I've been sick with an undiagnosed allergy that's causing me a lot of grief right now and for the past two months I haven't been well.  Still trying to figure out what's causing it, still going through tests at the doctor's.  It's been crazy trying to figure out what's causing me to get sick.  I've tried everything, even pulling out carpet in my house in case it's dust or something like that and cleaning everything in sight.  No idea so far :(

Anyway enough of that, but that's why it took me so long to get this done and not in time for Christmas.  But I did finally get it done.  I'm really happy with how it turned out though!  I feel it's one of my best.  TONS of work though, yikes.  Some very difficult sculpting on this one.

I'll show you pictures and describe what I did below them:


This tree is wildly imaginative and so very cute in person. Photos never seem to capture the magic of the minis as they really are in person. There is tons of work in this tree, I worked on it for a month and a half little by little. So many completely handmade and pure sculpted items on this tree, including the flying monkey with real feathers all over him that I made from sculpting clay and then I hand-painted him and added feathers all over his body. I followed a photo of the flying monkeys from the movie as carefully as I could. Another pure sculpt would be little Toto the dog, completely haired in tibetan lambs wool. Squished underneath a large gift box is the Wicked Witch, her little black and white stocking legs sticking out with those famous ruby slippers on her feet. Next to her propped up by some little munchkin is her witches flying broomstick. On the other side of the tree is a piece of snowy ground with completely meticulously handmade red poppies as in the movie. Remember when the Wicked Witch casts a spell for poppies to grow up in between Dorothy and the Emerald City? They made her go to sleep. Glenda the Good Witch cast another spell for snow to fall on the poppies which woke her up, allowing her to get to the Emerald City after all :) And so, snowy poppies on the other side of my tree. Toto stands on the yellow brick road under the tree ready to begin the journey to the Wizard. Various beautifully wrapped gifts sit under the tree, most wrapped elaborately in beautiful fabrics and fluffy bows. On the tree, candles everywhere, gorgeous framed photos from the movie of the most important movie characters including the Tin Man, Cowardly Lion, Scarecrow, Glenda the good witch, the Wicked Witch, Dorothy, and one of the Wicked Witch threatening Dorothy. Also on the tree, hand-sculpted tornado ornaments with all sorts of things coming out of the top and gears flying along the side of the tornados as well. A sculpted pair of ruby slippers with little bows hangs right in the front of the tree toward the bottom where they can be seen well. All sorts of other things cover the tree but I'll let you look over the photos to see them all. These were the most important things I thought I'd mention. 

I'm very very proud of how this tree came out and though it was a lot of work, I feel it's one of my best and I'm thrilled with it :) It's lovely in person!

A smidge over 7 inches tall, the base is roughly 7 1/4 inches wide at the widest point due to the things sticking off of it and around it. This is a wider base to accommodate the various design features like the yellow brick road and snowy poppy field. 

Available here: