Sunday, January 6, 2013

Dollhouse Miniature Wizard of Oz Theme Tree now complete

Sorry for the long wait everyone, but I've been sick with an undiagnosed allergy that's causing me a lot of grief right now and for the past two months I haven't been well.  Still trying to figure out what's causing it, still going through tests at the doctor's.  It's been crazy trying to figure out what's causing me to get sick.  I've tried everything, even pulling out carpet in my house in case it's dust or something like that and cleaning everything in sight.  No idea so far :(

Anyway enough of that, but that's why it took me so long to get this done and not in time for Christmas.  But I did finally get it done.  I'm really happy with how it turned out though!  I feel it's one of my best.  TONS of work though, yikes.  Some very difficult sculpting on this one.

I'll show you pictures and describe what I did below them:


This tree is wildly imaginative and so very cute in person. Photos never seem to capture the magic of the minis as they really are in person. There is tons of work in this tree, I worked on it for a month and a half little by little. So many completely handmade and pure sculpted items on this tree, including the flying monkey with real feathers all over him that I made from sculpting clay and then I hand-painted him and added feathers all over his body. I followed a photo of the flying monkeys from the movie as carefully as I could. Another pure sculpt would be little Toto the dog, completely haired in tibetan lambs wool. Squished underneath a large gift box is the Wicked Witch, her little black and white stocking legs sticking out with those famous ruby slippers on her feet. Next to her propped up by some little munchkin is her witches flying broomstick. On the other side of the tree is a piece of snowy ground with completely meticulously handmade red poppies as in the movie. Remember when the Wicked Witch casts a spell for poppies to grow up in between Dorothy and the Emerald City? They made her go to sleep. Glenda the Good Witch cast another spell for snow to fall on the poppies which woke her up, allowing her to get to the Emerald City after all :) And so, snowy poppies on the other side of my tree. Toto stands on the yellow brick road under the tree ready to begin the journey to the Wizard. Various beautifully wrapped gifts sit under the tree, most wrapped elaborately in beautiful fabrics and fluffy bows. On the tree, candles everywhere, gorgeous framed photos from the movie of the most important movie characters including the Tin Man, Cowardly Lion, Scarecrow, Glenda the good witch, the Wicked Witch, Dorothy, and one of the Wicked Witch threatening Dorothy. Also on the tree, hand-sculpted tornado ornaments with all sorts of things coming out of the top and gears flying along the side of the tornados as well. A sculpted pair of ruby slippers with little bows hangs right in the front of the tree toward the bottom where they can be seen well. All sorts of other things cover the tree but I'll let you look over the photos to see them all. These were the most important things I thought I'd mention. 

I'm very very proud of how this tree came out and though it was a lot of work, I feel it's one of my best and I'm thrilled with it :) It's lovely in person!

A smidge over 7 inches tall, the base is roughly 7 1/4 inches wide at the widest point due to the things sticking off of it and around it. This is a wider base to accommodate the various design features like the yellow brick road and snowy poppy field. 

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  1. This is beond words amazing. Oh..the blue monkey. You're amazing artist and miniaturist. I always get inspired after visiting your page.