Thursday, December 29, 2011

A little quickie miniature cabinet project while waiting for paint to dry on the Rabbit Hole

Nothing worse than watching paint drying :)  What to do while I wait?  Well a little cabinet for fun.  I had this great bag that came with my eyeglasses from Gucci, just a cool set of stuff that came with my eyeglasses purchase.  I HATE throwing anything neat like that away when I can find a new use for it.  So I cut apart the bag, taking the logos off to use on a cabinet.  Even the box that my glasses came in had a cool Gucci print on the inside of it so I used that as well.  I'm not quite done with it but I have a plan and I'll explain after I post these rather bad pictures of it:
Icky pictures :(

Ok so the top will have the red and green stripe with horse bit on either side of the topper, and the shelves will hold luxury items like a necklace display bust with jewels, tiny blingy shoes, leather handbags, perfume bottles etc.  You get the idea.  Super glam and stylish!  I'll update it when I get done.  And I'll be working on my rabbit hole project too, but most of what's going on right now is waiting on coats of paint to dry before I can progress much.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Down the rabbit hole one step at a time, an update on the miniature Alice in Wonderland Project

Christmas is over and I have been hard at work constructing from scratch a custom ordered Alice in Wonderland rabbit hole scene.  I have the structure built and boy was it interesting and difficult to do!  It's solidly built though, you could probably whack something hard with it and it would still be in one piece :)  It's very sturdy, wire framed and very strong.  And shockingly light weight so far.  I covered the wire frame with mesh on which to build my clay over so it's good to go.  I just haven't gotten that far yet.  I did get the inside coated with a lightweight material of my own making so that I would have maximum room inside the hole to add in all the things that will go inside there.  But I still have much painting to do before I can begin, what I have in there now is very "beginning stages" of what is to come.  The colored areas need a grid-like trim structure as shown in the movie which I'll have to do with clay strips and apply them as I go along.  After they dry I'll have to paint them to match whatever paint is in that area.  Most of the furniture will have to be handmade either by building it or sculpting it because the scale is an in between size.  The Alice doll I'm using is 4 inches tall to give you an idea.  The structure I built is 19 inches tall.  And this is just the beginning of what's to come and it will change and get better each time I work on it.  I plan on really doing the best I can and this really doesn't show what it will be in the end at all.  This is just a very basic start on a very elaborate piece that will have tons of detail in the end.

Just a sample of the many things that will line the rabbit hole in the end.  And like I said this will change in a big big way as I continue to work on it.  I'm still working on getting the colors right so even they will change as I work on getting them mixed closer to the original Disney movie.  And the top of the hole will have Alice's cat looking down the hole as well as grasses, flowers, etc.  I'm planning on working in a few talking roses somewhere just inside the hole.  That portion of the hole will be natural materials, mosses, faux dirt, rock, etc.  It gets far more house-like as it goes on down.  And the house part isn't built yet so it looks like a whole lot of nothing right now :)  Stay tuned for future updates :)


Saturday, December 24, 2011

Happy Christmas to all from 19th Day Miniatures

I've had so many people wish us a Happy Christmas and I'm so sorry I don't have time to get to all of you so I'll say it here for all to see, thank you so much and have a Happy Christmas everyone! Hugs! ~Tara, 19th Day Miniatures

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Christmas Pictures Comments - Photobucket

Turn off my blog music player before you play this video :)  There's clickable button on there that shuts it off.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

What I've been making since I last blogged

I have had a bunch of custom orders to get through and I've had very little time to work on anything, being so close to Christmas.  That plus a new puppy (who didn't work out and had to go back to the pound because she kept attacking my other dog and my cat.  Apparently she hates other animals :(  and finishing up work on my wood floor redo.  Plus December brings me:  My little cousin's birthday, my own birthday on the 15th on which I turned 34, my daughter's birthday party was on the 17th and she went swimming and stayed at a hotel with us and her little girl friends, her actual birthday falls on the 19th (hence the shop name 19th Day Miniatures, to which is a homage to my husband, daughter and son all being born on the 19th day of their respective months and so is my lucky number) and we had the regular family party that day, today is my wedding anniversary (14 years now, wow!), my aunt's birthday is tomorrow and then Christmas is the 25th of course.  Needless to say December is an extremely busy month for us!  So no time to work, no time to blog :(  Here's what I've managed to get done amid all the disruptions:

vampire themed cabinet (sold)

Missing from these photos was a hand-sculpted and mohaired disney-style squirrel I made that perched on the other bare side of the top.  I wish I had gotten pictures but I finished at night and they wouldn't turn out in the photocube.  So I'm sad to say we'll never see it here on the blog.  I was just too wiped out tired to deal with shooting it again before it shipped out :(  This was a custom order and my client was waiting for me to get it done.

(sold) smaller honeydukes themed tree for confined spaces or even the inside of a candy shop

(sold) A small set of Honeydukes candy bottles with a polymer clay chocolate frog

This was actually a gift for a friend of mine so it's gone too-Honeydukes themed cabinet

See this is what happens when I try to take pictures at night in my photocube :(  Yuck pictures!  This was a custom ordered (sold) Hogwarts chest with student items in it that a kid might take with them to hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry.  Not that you can tell, but there were some neat items in there.  A defense against the dark arts book, a wizard robe with a gryffindor crest on it, a hand carved wooden wand, a bottle of felix felicis (liquid luck) a bottle of Amortentia (love potion), more spell books, chocolate frog, roll of scrolls and a feather quill pen, a daily prophet newspaper, and tickets for the knight bus and for the hogwarts express train.

Below, a captured fairy set-A little fairy was made to look quite worried about her currently living conditions :)  The other one sleeps it away as though nothing can bother her :)

*Update-She did in fact buy this so it is now sold.
Ok this was also a custom ordered item, but I have no idea if the lady will actually get this or not.  It was ordered a long time ago and I haven't been able to get to it til now.  I have no idea if she'll be able to pick it up right before Christmas or if she'll have to pass.  It just worked out like this unfortunately.  It may be available, we'll have to see I guess.  The pictures are perfectly horrid due to the weather here (it's not easy getting pictures outside in the winter when you're freezing your butt off while shooting them :)  and this is about 100 times nicer in person than these crappy pictures show :(  

Merry Christmas everyone!  I hope you have a great one :)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Updated-Projects, custom orders, and Holiday Cheer :)

Another blog only deal:  Type in coupon code "christmasblog" during checkout to get your complimentary 15% off the purchase price during the month of December only.  This deal is only for those who have read my blog because it's not posted anywhere in the store :) 

Gosh I haven't blogged in awhile!  Too busy :(  The holidays are upon us, and this means not only do I have the house renovation and store to deal with, but also family and shopping :o  Sheesh!  Thanksgiving was madness as usual, with an extended family as large as mine.  I made eight dozen deviled egg halves!  Eight dozen!  Lord have mercy on me because Christmas dinner is right around the corner too.

Enough about that.  What have I been doing?  Custom orders for one.  I made this for one of my new customers, a custom snow white evil queen chest based on this chest the evil queen is holding here in this picture:

It was given to the huntsman to bring back proof in the form of a heart that snow white was indeed dead :o
Here's my version:

The bottles inside have apples, poison apple potion, a sculpted heart, beauty potion, malice (has a knife in it, hehe) and a bottle of wealth.

I have another custom order for her to do when the piece I ordered comes in.

This chest will be a snow white themed item, made to look like something of hers while she resides with the 7 dwarfs.  I'm planning something woodlandish, with sweet little details made to look like something of snow white's.  I think this piece looks exactly like it could have been in that wooden cottage of the seven dwarfs!
Another upcoming custom order, and it's a major big one!  The same lady wants me to make a Alice in wonderland scene, quite large compared to what I normally do, based on this:
I'm planning on making the structure of air dry clay and wire.  There will be only one Alice though.  Three just looks odd to me.  And the scenery inside should be quite different and more true to the movie.  This will be the cartoon version, not the Tim Burton version.

So I'll post updates as I build it.  It will take awhile, and I also have to have a working light unit inside it.

Otherwise, I just finished this up last night:

a witch's birthday party table and chair set :)  See the overflowing cauldron birthday cake?  This is so flippin' cute in person, the pictures don't do anything for it :(  In person, it rocks!  And it's available now in my store.  I no I won't make another one, lol.  If someone buys it, it's gone!
And one last thing in the spirit of the Christmas season, a short story:
When I was a little girl in second grade, we had a house fire right before Christmas.  Our entire house burnt to the ground.  If it hadn't been for my Mother, I wouldn't have made it out alive.  She ran down a burning hallway that was completely engulfed in flames to get me.  She had part of her hair burnt off and her eyebrows were burnt off (it all regrew, but now you get how dangerous it really was)  we lost everything we had.  I sat across the street and watched our refrigerator melt!  There were no longer any walls left by that time.  In the aftermath, we picked through the rubble looking for any sign that anything had survived the fire.  There was absolutely nothing left not burnt up or broken, save this:

I have all of the pieces, but they weren't out yet in this picture.  This single thing was left.  The entire nativity set was in one piece, and wasn't burnt up.  You can see the charred look on the paint of the people, which shows it went through a fire.  But nothing was broken.  Matter of fact, the burnt look added to the authentic look of the set.  It made it look more realistic if anything.  My Mother had LOTS of nick knacks and porcelain figures.  Everything was reduced to rubble.  Every single thing we had ever had at that point in our lives was destroyed.  Why then did this entire set come through the fire without a single chip?  It was on display, like all of her other things at the time.  Everything else was most likely knocked to the ground when the walls came down or the furniture they were sitting on burnt up.  Yet we found every piece of this nativity set unscathed.  Strange, huh?  And our town rallied around us and gave us back all the stuff we had lost and I ended up with more toys and clothes than I had before :)  The true meaning of Christmas revealed???  You decide :)
"Maybe Christmas, he thought, doesn't come from a store. Maybe Christmas... perhaps... means a little bit more!" Dr. Seuss


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Updated pictures, my miniature Harry Potter Hogsmeade tree is done :)

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Offer not good for custom orders though.

Welcome to my new followers :)  Glad to have you around!

Ugh these pictures are perfectly horrid, but nonetheless I'll post them for now until I get new ones tomorrow.  Darn night-time photocube pictures!  They make everything look Gosh-Awful!

Sorry it took me so long, but I've been working on my floors AGAIN.  Have mercy, let them be done soon!  Big floor sander+ million year old hardwood floors+Tara=a huge mess!  I'm still not sure how I wound up getting this tree done in the middle of all this but somehow I prevailed :)  Probably because going upstairs to work on minis is VACATION for me right now :)  Ok ok, I'll zip my lips and show you these ridiculously awful pictures!  Please check back in tomorrow for a clearer view!
**I retook the pictures BUT-it was dark and foggy out this morning so they still aren't that great and only three of them turned out :(  Oh wells, what can you do?

Back view below-

Ok description of what's going on here:
This one is themed to go with the Hogwarts neighboring village of Hogsmeade and is made to be a business sign display for that village. Every business is represented here, which includes a business sign and a display of items related to what that business does or sells :)

Businesses include:

-Zonkos Joke Shop and it's display includes dangling extendable ears
-Gladrags Wizardwear who's items include funky socks and a pretty nightcap hanging from the sign
-Dervish and Banges for whom I have made an interesting cauldron and advanced potion-making guide
-Hogsmeade Post Office which has the owl in a nest who carries the post as well as several mail deliveries waiting to go out :)
-Honeydukes Sweet Shop which has a large climbing chocolate frog , chocolate bars wrapped in the actual candy bar wrapper as seen in the theme park in Florida, a bag of Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans, and 2 chocolate frog boxes.
-The Hogshead Pub sign features two bottles of butterbeer hanging from the sign as well as a metal tankard mug of questionable cleanliness :)
-The Three Broomsticks has 2 bottles of hand-sculpted pumpkin juice bottles as well as a single butterbeer bottle hanging underneath.
-Madam Puddifoot's Tea Shop is gussied up in frilly style for Hogwarts date nights and outfitted with a lace-covered table top which holds the shop sign, detail painted teapot and cup complete with a lovey-dovey heart floating in the tea :)
-Hogsmeade Station has a train schedule sign with fluttering Hogwarts Express tickets which sparkle in the light like gold :) This is the station where the children get off the Hogwarts Express train and head off to Hogwarts
-and last is Scrivenshaft's Quill Shop who's sign is on the back of the tree with a pot of all different quills, scrolls, and envelopes, and three lovely books in different wizarding subjects.

Beside the tree is a welcome to Hogsmeade sign that I crafted very carefully to look rustic and very well done. It's wood, distressed and clear coated for durability. Below the welcome sign is an arrow sign pointing off to the side with "Hogwarts" on it. Meaning go that direction and you will find Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry :) And I have added Christmas cheer with a greenery swag and candy canes. All of this on a snowy base hand-crafted by me.
The detail is astounding, this is a very elaborate tree with tons of work in it. In person it's incredible! I think it may be the best one I've made yet :)
9 inches tall, roughly 6 inches wide at the base. 1/12 scale outdoor tree.

Available here in my shop:

And now I think you all should see Sherry's (my shop partner and my darling Mother in Law) newest creation, a completely hand-sculpted Marie Antoinette doll and Marie-style furnishings!

This set is currently on it's way to me and will soon be available in my shop for sale :)

Please follow Sherry on the 19th Day Miniatures partner blog: