Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Down the rabbit hole one step at a time, an update on the miniature Alice in Wonderland Project

Christmas is over and I have been hard at work constructing from scratch a custom ordered Alice in Wonderland rabbit hole scene.  I have the structure built and boy was it interesting and difficult to do!  It's solidly built though, you could probably whack something hard with it and it would still be in one piece :)  It's very sturdy, wire framed and very strong.  And shockingly light weight so far.  I covered the wire frame with mesh on which to build my clay over so it's good to go.  I just haven't gotten that far yet.  I did get the inside coated with a lightweight material of my own making so that I would have maximum room inside the hole to add in all the things that will go inside there.  But I still have much painting to do before I can begin, what I have in there now is very "beginning stages" of what is to come.  The colored areas need a grid-like trim structure as shown in the movie which I'll have to do with clay strips and apply them as I go along.  After they dry I'll have to paint them to match whatever paint is in that area.  Most of the furniture will have to be handmade either by building it or sculpting it because the scale is an in between size.  The Alice doll I'm using is 4 inches tall to give you an idea.  The structure I built is 19 inches tall.  And this is just the beginning of what's to come and it will change and get better each time I work on it.  I plan on really doing the best I can and this really doesn't show what it will be in the end at all.  This is just a very basic start on a very elaborate piece that will have tons of detail in the end.

Just a sample of the many things that will line the rabbit hole in the end.  And like I said this will change in a big big way as I continue to work on it.  I'm still working on getting the colors right so even they will change as I work on getting them mixed closer to the original Disney movie.  And the top of the hole will have Alice's cat looking down the hole as well as grasses, flowers, etc.  I'm planning on working in a few talking roses somewhere just inside the hole.  That portion of the hole will be natural materials, mosses, faux dirt, rock, etc.  It gets far more house-like as it goes on down.  And the house part isn't built yet so it looks like a whole lot of nothing right now :)  Stay tuned for future updates :)



  1. A bold project! It'll be amazing!
    Happy New Year!

  2. Thanks Eliana :) Right now it looks pretty awful. Give me time and it'll transform into something quite interesting and lovely! But it'll take me awhile, I have no plans on rushing it.

  3. it's really amazing right now, I can't wait to see this when you finish.