Thursday, December 29, 2011

A little quickie miniature cabinet project while waiting for paint to dry on the Rabbit Hole

Nothing worse than watching paint drying :)  What to do while I wait?  Well a little cabinet for fun.  I had this great bag that came with my eyeglasses from Gucci, just a cool set of stuff that came with my eyeglasses purchase.  I HATE throwing anything neat like that away when I can find a new use for it.  So I cut apart the bag, taking the logos off to use on a cabinet.  Even the box that my glasses came in had a cool Gucci print on the inside of it so I used that as well.  I'm not quite done with it but I have a plan and I'll explain after I post these rather bad pictures of it:
Icky pictures :(

Ok so the top will have the red and green stripe with horse bit on either side of the topper, and the shelves will hold luxury items like a necklace display bust with jewels, tiny blingy shoes, leather handbags, perfume bottles etc.  You get the idea.  Super glam and stylish!  I'll update it when I get done.  And I'll be working on my rabbit hole project too, but most of what's going on right now is waiting on coats of paint to dry before I can progress much.

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