Sunday, January 1, 2012

Dollhouse Miniature Designer Cabinet Completed :)

Remember the Gucci bag cabinet project?  It's all done now and listed.  My pictures are horrid (and they will be until well into spring thanks to winter weather) but I'll post them anyway.  I wish you all could see how nice this actually is!  It's a cutie in person.

Oh the dang camera glare!  It makes everything look washed out and icky :(

Oy vay :(  Wow do I need a new camera or what???

Haha I just now noticed the buckles on the little strappy sandal heels are wrong.  I guess I need to add one on the correct side of the other shoe, duh me!  Sheesh, I guess I was a bit tired last night when I finished that shoe up :)  I wish you could see those in person though, they are really good ones.  I was kind of proud of myself on those, making tiny shoes-especially strappy high heel ones is really hard to do.  And the little handbags are to die for!  Just darling :)

I'm still working on the rabbit hole, I'm currently adding the criss-cross boxy trim work and it's not fit to be seen yet.  So no pictures until I'm done, and nearly every color of the walls when it changes has that.  And I also have to do some brickwork as well, so it may be a little while before I can show it. 

And I had a second custom order request as well.  Do you all remember the Mrs. Lovett's Pie Counter? 

The lady who bought it has commissioned another piece to go with it based on this:

The meat pie oven!  I've ordered the fire unit for the bottom with flickering LED lights so I am super excited to try it out :)  This lady has a lovely set up for displaying her Sweeney Todd stuff complete with a shop and some well done artisan dolls so I can't wait to see it all put together.  She even has a brick oven similar to the one in the film in the kitchen scene.  She's still collecting parts but she's promised to provide some pictures when she gets somewhere on it.  How fun!



  1. Tu trabajo es siempre impresionante y fantastico, la luz del dia mejora las fotos......pero tus trabajos son buenos con cualquier luz.
    besitos ascension

  2. What a fantastic Gucci cabinet! I love it! So clever of you, sweetie!

  3. Thanks girls :) It was fun to make something like that for a change. But I'm still working on the Alice scene too, I hope I'll be able to post pictures soon!

  4. I saw your post on my photoshop site but couldn't figure how to get back to you. Thank you for your kind words on my Sweeney Todd project and I had a hard time figuring how to post from there. I had an awful time commenting here until I used my google account. l want to keep up with you. I love quarter inch scale after saying I could never work that small. I need to learn how to connect my photoshop site with tripod so I can direct people to larger pictures. Love the way yours can be enlarged.

  5. I know, figuring out all of these techie things drives me crazy! Perhaps you could sign up for a blogger account and run a blog from here as well!