Monday, January 16, 2012

A Miniature Valentine's Cabinet, and the start of a menacing little Pie Oven :)

Valentine's Day is fast approaching, and it put me in the mood to made a lovey dovey OOAK cabinet :) I will not make another one of these, it was very time consuming and difficult. I started by painting the cabinet a teal green because it "pops" the color red so very well :) For the top of the cabinet I made a delicious little red rose, hearts, and chocolate cupcakes arrangement that is quite lovely in person. Beside it I placed my favorite love quote in a painted white and red sparkle frame with cabbage roses around it: "I love thee, I love but thee with a love that shall not die. Till the sun grows cold and the stars grow old, forever thy will be mine." It makes me think of my husband. So very romantic. Inside the cabinet on the first shelf is a very elaborate and beautiful cake on a filigree pedestal stand painted white. This is without a doubt the best cake I have made so far. It's beautiful in person! Next to that, rustic blue love birds in front of their "love nest" bird house. Finally a hearts tea set, painted very well to match the Valentine theme. Second shelf: a large metallic red rose, a white filigree vase of flowers, a "diamond" engagement ring and a high heel slipper shoe, a framed "Happily Ever After" quote. Third shelf: I made this into a mini scene complete with a large sculpted castle with red turrets and numerous windows, a grassy knoll with a road coming down it on which sits a horse drawn pumpkin coach :) I can only assume someones happily ever after is just beginning inside the castle :) The castle took me quite awhile to make and paint. So much detail packed into something so small! The castle stands about an inch and a fourth tall and about the same wide. Everything on this shelf is hand sculpted in meticulous detail considering it's so tiny! It's not exactly easy to make these tiny things!

And then I got this pie oven started (very basically). I can tell you one thing, cutting metal with a cutting tool is no fun. Sparks flew everywhere and I was pretty sure I might catch on fire lol. Imminent fires aside, I got it done. I spray painted the inside with a black texture paint so that's what's all over it. There will be extensive clay work all over this, so most of the outside will be covered in the end. And it will sit in a square clay "stone" slab. This is just cut and the tube has been joined together and inside painted-nothing more has been done yet. It will change greatly, and evolve as I work on it. I love this theme so I plan on pulling out all the stops on it to make sure it's as close to the original as possible. Right now it stands 7 inches tall, but it'll gain another inch or so before the end. 2 1/2 inches in diameter inside.

I'm not sure if I want to raise this door a little taller yet or not.  I might do that.  I might make the whole door wider and taller now that I think about it.  Oh well, more possible spark burns :o  This is the lighting unit I bought for it, a series of randomly flashing LED bulbs that will be partially hidden underneath a coal "fire" in the bottom of the oven.  This pack connects to a 9 volt battery pack, as per my customer's request.  They are available in actual dollhouse wiring though, so you can wire them to an actual electical plug in.

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  1. Great cabinet Tara and i cant wait to see the wonderful oven!! Looking great even this far into it so im sure you will work wonders and do the movie oven great justice!! Xx