Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Updated pictures, my miniature Harry Potter Hogsmeade tree is done :)

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Ugh these pictures are perfectly horrid, but nonetheless I'll post them for now until I get new ones tomorrow.  Darn night-time photocube pictures!  They make everything look Gosh-Awful!

Sorry it took me so long, but I've been working on my floors AGAIN.  Have mercy, let them be done soon!  Big floor sander+ million year old hardwood floors+Tara=a huge mess!  I'm still not sure how I wound up getting this tree done in the middle of all this but somehow I prevailed :)  Probably because going upstairs to work on minis is VACATION for me right now :)  Ok ok, I'll zip my lips and show you these ridiculously awful pictures!  Please check back in tomorrow for a clearer view!
**I retook the pictures BUT-it was dark and foggy out this morning so they still aren't that great and only three of them turned out :(  Oh wells, what can you do?

Back view below-

Ok description of what's going on here:
This one is themed to go with the Hogwarts neighboring village of Hogsmeade and is made to be a business sign display for that village. Every business is represented here, which includes a business sign and a display of items related to what that business does or sells :)

Businesses include:

-Zonkos Joke Shop and it's display includes dangling extendable ears
-Gladrags Wizardwear who's items include funky socks and a pretty nightcap hanging from the sign
-Dervish and Banges for whom I have made an interesting cauldron and advanced potion-making guide
-Hogsmeade Post Office which has the owl in a nest who carries the post as well as several mail deliveries waiting to go out :)
-Honeydukes Sweet Shop which has a large climbing chocolate frog , chocolate bars wrapped in the actual candy bar wrapper as seen in the theme park in Florida, a bag of Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans, and 2 chocolate frog boxes.
-The Hogshead Pub sign features two bottles of butterbeer hanging from the sign as well as a metal tankard mug of questionable cleanliness :)
-The Three Broomsticks has 2 bottles of hand-sculpted pumpkin juice bottles as well as a single butterbeer bottle hanging underneath.
-Madam Puddifoot's Tea Shop is gussied up in frilly style for Hogwarts date nights and outfitted with a lace-covered table top which holds the shop sign, detail painted teapot and cup complete with a lovey-dovey heart floating in the tea :)
-Hogsmeade Station has a train schedule sign with fluttering Hogwarts Express tickets which sparkle in the light like gold :) This is the station where the children get off the Hogwarts Express train and head off to Hogwarts
-and last is Scrivenshaft's Quill Shop who's sign is on the back of the tree with a pot of all different quills, scrolls, and envelopes, and three lovely books in different wizarding subjects.

Beside the tree is a welcome to Hogsmeade sign that I crafted very carefully to look rustic and very well done. It's wood, distressed and clear coated for durability. Below the welcome sign is an arrow sign pointing off to the side with "Hogwarts" on it. Meaning go that direction and you will find Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry :) And I have added Christmas cheer with a greenery swag and candy canes. All of this on a snowy base hand-crafted by me.
The detail is astounding, this is a very elaborate tree with tons of work in it. In person it's incredible! I think it may be the best one I've made yet :)
9 inches tall, roughly 6 inches wide at the base. 1/12 scale outdoor tree.

Available here in my shop:

And now I think you all should see Sherry's (my shop partner and my darling Mother in Law) newest creation, a completely hand-sculpted Marie Antoinette doll and Marie-style furnishings!

This set is currently on it's way to me and will soon be available in my shop for sale :)

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  1. Its SO detailed and full of magnificent goodies Tara, I can see why your thrilled with it, and speaking from experience I know just how much more delightful and breathtaking they are in person, and Im sure this is. I wish I had the money Id snap it up for my Potter street! xxx

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