Monday, February 4, 2013

Another miniature fairy cabinet :)

I was planning on taking a little break from fairy stuff but it has been selling so well that I thought I might as well keep going on it.  This one is now available since I just finished it today.  I thought I might do a fairy candy cabinet since I haven't made one in this theme yet.


I tore a cabinet apart and rebuilt some of it with bricks and moss.  The pictures are always terrible this time of year because it's so cold, windy, and the light usually isn't great in the winter time.  All of my items are really so much nicer in person but you can't tell by these :(

Anywho, this cabinet is available for now but all of these have been going FAST! 

I had made this a few days ago and it's gone now, it sold right away:

Thanks everyone for your kind comments, I LOVE hearing your opinions!

Hugs-Tara, 19th Day Minis


  1. I love your fairy cabinet! It has so many pretty things to look at!

  2. !!! Que bonitos y originales !!!!!, me encantan.

  3. comprendo que tenga tanto éxito es todo tan bello y extraordinario
    un abrazo