Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Ball Joint Doll Elfish Apothecary Chest Complete

Whew, that was a hard one!  I think I did ok considering I started with nothing but some sheets of wood and built this from the ground up :)  And I'm proud of how it turned out, although my pictures are crappy like usual (awesome camera of mine) :(   Anyway, this is how it started:

and this is how it ended:

Now no one get excited, because these are LARGE potion bottles compared to what we all collect!  The tallest is around 3 1/2 inches tall so not 1/12 scale.  And the sand timer?  Over 4 inches long!  This is just a sample of the bottles I made for this, there are so many more.

What's in this?
Top lid ingredients are as follows-

seeing stones

dried jasmine

bluebird feathers

spring sprigs

snail shells

heather flowers

wild berries


forest floor

magic toadstools

and one elfish dispensary spoon

side doors that swing open:

purity potion

elixir of divine endurance

essence of the wolf

shape shifting aura


essence of the sea

first drawer of the apothecary:

birds nest with eggs labeled "relocate to tulip tree"

two perfumed oils with acorn cap lids

one jar of hippogriff feathers

one chinese-style metal chest containing a beautiful chinese fireball dragon egg

a bottle of the first spring flowers

a mortar and pestal with unspecified ingredients inside

two unspecified vials of potion

one bottle of giant octopus ink

second drawer of apothecary:

mushroom box of candied rose petals

mushroom box of seashells

hand-dyed silk bowed container of mermaid scales

metal container of far east spices

bottle of "sands of the undying lands"

chilled box of first winter ice

bottle of giant beanstalk seeds

a bottle of enchanted sleep

a vial of ghoul ash

and one fancy sand timer vial


  1. Beautiful Tara, your talents are limitless........


  2. Thanks girls :) It was a wild ride but I managed it. It was strange working outside my 1/12 scale!

  3. This is gorgious!! The chest is so very unique and so many lovely items in it, wow i love it.
    I also love the smaller miniatures i see on your blog.

  4. I always enjoy your creative mind, Tara! A round of applause for you :)