Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Update-Sold, Miniature Dollhouse Harry Potter Hogwarts Christmas Tree done

All finished!  Here's what I ended up with and it is now unavailable for sale in my Etsy shop because it just sold. 

My pictures do not do this piece justice, all the detail cannot be captured in the photos and you have to see this intricate piece in person!

I have created this wonderful OOAK Hogwarts Christmas tree with love and great attention to detail that you'd be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. Theme trees are completely unique and wonderful. No one does these but this shop as far as I know. This one is themed to go with the Hogwarts Gryffindor Common Room at Christmas time, or practically any room in Hogwarts (ok maybe not a Slytherin room :) It's loaded with a huge variety of gifts of a magical nature and addressed to different students mentioned in the Harry Potter movies. I've made Harry's Nimbus flying broomstick, Neville's Remembrall and a magical plant, Luna's Spectra Glasses and her radish jewelry, books like How to Tame a Phoenix for Hermione, a Divination Crystal Ball and tea reading set for Parvati Patil in an elaborate Indian style gift box, and the list goes on. It all so cute! Just look over the pictures and you'll see all the magical things :) There are even a few Honeydukes Sweet Shop candies perched in the tree(like bertie botts every flavor beans), ready to be nibbled :) There are framed photographs of Professors Dumbledore and McGonagall, a lovely hand-sculpted owl with glass eyes and hand-applied feathers perched on a crescent moon tree topper and just above her flies a rather well-done golden snitch which is held up by a clear plastic piece to make it appear to be really flying above the tree. There is a little toad as well, sitting next to the gift boxes which were all hand-built by me of mostly wood and some are clay and fabric-wrapped. There are even a couple real glass potion bottles hanging on the back of the tree complete with well done labels :)

This tree took me several days to complete and I will not make another. It is meant to be OOAK.

The tree stands nearly 8 1/2 inches tall and the bottom diameter is nearly 7 inches across due to protruding gift packages. 1/12 scale

No longer available:

Let me know what you think!  Be honest :)  And remember I can't currently comment back, that feature is not working for me :(  I wish I could though!  I wish they would fix it.


  1. Its superbly cool Tara, such a of of work and detailing. Wish I had the room!! Love it well done! Kate xxx

  2. Te ha quedado absolutamente maravilloso, me encanta cada uno de los detalles que has puesto.
    besitos ascension