Monday, July 4, 2011

I'm getting excited about this Harry Potter Miniature Tree!

I'm not at a place where I feel comfortable showing it, really, but I will a little sneak peak.  But I can tell, just at the half finished stage, that this tree is going to be awesome!  I've been ornamenting it out little by little and taking my time with it.  I made a pretty Gryffindor-colored rug for underneath out of a swirly  jacquard decorator fabric and then added a small beaded edge.  Remember, the Common Room Christmas tree in the movie was a potted tree wrapped in orange tissue paper which I did make.  I have quite a lot left to do on the tree itself before I'll be satisfied :)  It's not near full enough by way of decorations.  And my little owl isn't quite finished yet, but I figured close enough to show.  I have a long list of items to make as presents and I think I may have to make a small side table to add things on it as well.  I'm not going to have enough room as it is probably.  I've also started a long box that will have the top pulled off as if it were just opened with a nimbus 2000 broom in there.  I'll have presents for some of the various children from the movie underneath , such as a bowed and potted plant for Neville who loves herbology.  Trevor will be around as well, his pet toad.  There will be flying golden snitches coming off the tree here and there, a rememberall just opened underneath the tree, Ron's sweater with the R on it knitted by his Mum, etc.  I think it will be full to over-brimming with presents and stuff :)  I love the antiqued brass crescent moon topper that the owl is perched on :)  There may be a golden snitch flying around the top there somewhere as well before it's all over.  Well anyway, I'll post a few teaser pictures of my little unfinished creation :)  Here's what I have for now:

The pictures are blurry because it was nearly dark and it's pretty humid out right now, and thus, foggy lens problems :(  But you get the idea :)  And it's going to be very full and highly decorated before it's all over.  I better get off here now and go watch some fireworks outside, happy fourth America!


  1. Your 'unfinished work' is already fantastic! I'm waiting anxiously to see it finished. :D

  2. That looks wonderfull already cant wait to see the end result

  3. So cute Tara, I totally Love the owl and the moon.! Ive finished my first Honeydukes cabinet today, its on my blog if you get a chance let me know what you think!! Kate xxx

  4. Tu obra"inacabada" es una verdadera maravilla.
    Me he enamorado de tu buho, genial.
    besitos ascension