Sunday, July 24, 2011

Update on my update:) This tree is now sold-Update on my own Alice Tree

This tree has just sold and will no longer be available for sale :(  Sorry dears!  I might make another (but not exactly the same) in the future.  I will still post updates as I finish it up.

I just finished mossing the base and adding some wild details and now I have to begin my clay work.  Should take me a little while because it's painstaking work.  I have mushrooms to make, I'm going to try a rocking horsefly but I don't know how I'll do so we'll see if it turns out (it's so small it may not work but I hope so), a talking rose, etc.  I'll go ahead and post pics of what I have so far.  The tree is possibly sold already, I have to email the lady who's wanting it to see about a price.  I may do another in the future but they will never be exactly the same because they are OOAK pieces.  For those of you who don't know, many people speak up ahead of time in order to have first pick of what I or Sherry are currently working on and blogging about.  This is sometimes the only way to have a shot at the OOAK items being made.  Having first shot at it doesn't mean you are roped into the sale by any means, you can always decide to back out should you not like the direction the piece has taken while being made.  Communication is key.  You simply have to let us know.  Ok, that being said I guess I should hush up and show you pictures :)

I finally got a Mad Hatter ornament on there :)  That's all the characters I'm putting on:  Alice, Red Queen, Hatter.
Now I start making all the hand-sculpted bits and bobs, including the tea pots, cups and saucers.  That should be a wild ride.  I looked through a ton of tea sets online last night and none are what I need them to look like.  So I guess I'll be making my own.  I'm known for elaborate paint jobs on little things like frames and tea sets.  Should take me awhile to get these little things done right.  Detail painting on such little things is challenging to say the least!  I'll update as soon as I get somewhere on it :) 


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  1. Everything looks beautiful in Alice's Wonderland tree! :D