Friday, July 8, 2011

Have you all seen Sherry's Honeydukes Christmas Trees? Wow!

These are both sold now, and they are one of a kind.  But these are so great I have to show you all.  If you haven't joined Sherry's blog it's here:
This where you can stay abreast of what's being made before it goes to our etsy store.  Often times someone speaks up for the items before they are finished and this is a good way to have first crack at them.

Anyways, I'll keep my mouth shut and just show them off now :)

First one:

All the pictures are just me trying to get a decent picture to turn out :)
Here's the next one, which is made to go outside or inside:

Wow Sherry!  Way to go-best work ever!


  1. Your Christmas tree is absolutely fantastic! ... Full of candies, bright decorations and chocolate frogs! Amazing! The kids of Hogwarts could go crazy for them ... :)