Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Miniature Divination Set for Harry Potter's Parvati Patil

In her third year, Parvati Patil began taking Divination, which soon became her favourite subject. She grew close to Professor Trelawney, who believed that Parvati could be a Seer. 
I have been attempting to make several of the characters from the Harry Potter movies presents that correspond to what that character was into.  Parvati Patil obviously is a little more difficult to do because little is said of her.  I wouldn't have bothered to include her but the aspect of her heritage and what she liked made it impossible for me to ignore.  To make an Indian inspired gift box containing divination objects was too great a temptation!  I've played with it for awhile and it's been fun.  I like to do my homework on these things and add in things that are realistic to make the best miniature I can manage.  Looking up the subject I found cool little things that I've incorporated into the box.  Inspired by Parvati's home I designed the box to suit India.  I built the box from the ground up and this is what I did to it:

As you can see, there is a fortune-telling gazing ball, a palmistry chart, a tea cup and reading tea leaves guide, and some tiny and quite beautiful tarot cards.  What you can't clearly see from the pictures is the inside is lined with the same fabric as the outside of the box.  It's very pretty in person, I wish you all could see. 
A gift meant for an Indian darling :)

I think Parvati would be pleased to get this gift :)

I'm trying to find time (busy family life) to work on the tree as I can.  It can be challenging sometimes to do.  I'm still making presents and ornaments for the tree that aren't in place yet, but I did at least get the garland on.  I've also made some lovely little pictures in ornate metal frame ornaments with blingy crystals on them.  One is of Professor Dumbledore and the other is of Professor McGonagall.  They will go on the front of the tree as well.  I tried to get a shot of them but they are a little small and hard to capture, although you can clearly see them in person.  Here's the tree which is still very under-filled:

Well that's all I've got for now :)  I'll be back with more.

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