Thursday, July 21, 2011

Updated, Sold Out-Custom Ordered Honeydukes Sweets

UPDATE:  Most of these items sold out and the few left I will keep to use on my giveaway shelves :) I only need one more follower to host my giveaway now!  If you have previously purchased something from my store: please make sure you go there and let me know you want to join my giveaway that I will be hosting for Honeydukes items once I get my 100th follower :)

Well my computer got a virus and had to be taken in to be fixed so I figured I had better take a custom order and do so quick :)  So a sweet lady ordered Honeydukes Sweets and although I was previously not wanting to make individual candies for sale I decided under the present circumstances I had better do it.  So I made a wide variety of sweets and cakes for her to choose from.  No idea yet what she might choose and if any will be available after she picks from what I have made so far.  But I know several of you are doing sweet shops right now and might like to see them :)  My version of Honeydukes sweets are a little more wonky and magical looking than those found in the muggle shop at Universal Studios, hehe.  I like things a little more OOAK and true to the movie as many of you have heard me say before.  That's just my own take on things, and I do so love the muggle shop as well.  It's beautiful to look at :)  Well anyway I guess I might just shut it and let you all have a look :)

Group shot, quick bad pictures!  I was losing daylight and had to act fast :(

1) witch ice cream cone holder

2) Cream lolly display

Ick my paper got wet, see the water spots?

3) Milk Chocolate Tray

4) Chocolate Frog Candy Box Display

5)  Funny Bones Candy Jar

6)  Candy Cake on Honeydukes Colors Pedestal with Matching Knife

7)  Jelly Slug Display

8)  Leaning Tower of Strawberry Bunt Cakes

9)  Unlabeled Honeydukes-Colored Candy Bottles 

10) Fizzing Whizbees Candy Bottle and Display Sign 

11) Fancy Bottle of Canary Creams Candy 

12)  Two unidentified Honeydukes Candy Bottles 

13)  Honeydukes Colors Candied Sliced Fruits Tray

And I have one little white wooden box with elaborate antique brass closure on front containing cookies with cherry drop centers (which is in the group picture if you look through it) that my pictures didn't turn out and I will have to photograph it tomorrow.  

I'll add that picture along with an update as to what may be left over after my customer looks it over and makes a decision as to what she wants of this group :) 



  1. Oh dear, you know I'm your fan a long time ago ... : D
    I believe you should always give your 'vision' to your work, that's what makes them unique and wonderful!

  2. Wow! what amazing blog you have. I just came the 100s follower.
    I love all the colorful minis you do. Harry Potter and fairythings. So pretty.
    Thanks for the inspiration
    I write now from my artblog but I have miniature blog also here:

  3. I bet you had such fun making these! I loved making my Honeydukes candies and still have so many to make!Kate xxx