Sunday, August 14, 2011

New miniature items arrive and new miniature trees are began :)

While I await parts for some customer orders to come in I've began two new trees because they are so much fun!  One last candy tree in a more "less specific" candy format.  This tree will not have Honeydukes specific candies but rather an assortment of candies that could be used in any candy shop, including Honeydukes.  No named jars, etc.  It will have a few jars, but they will not have labels.  Still decorated, but not labeled.  Just a candy tree, usable anywhere :)  The reason it would work in Honeydukes still is because it is in Honeydukes pastel colors.  The tree itself has been painted a light green and sparkled and will have a bottom scenery like a scene off of a candyland game board with lollies sticking out of the ground.  You can't see from the picture but there is a soft fuzzy grass all over the base that does not show up well in the picture.  The little pots will have tissue paper in a variety of colors in them with candies sticking out.  Like lollies and piles of wrapped candies.  The topper will have a splendid lolly display sticking out of the blue bow.  
I also started another tree, a vintage witch candy tree that should be very cool when I'm done.  Which I'm far from done right now.  I have a basic start on it.  I plan on adding in cool vintage witch picture ornaments, candies inside the jack-o-lantern holders, etc. and to top it off I'm planning a witchy sign sticking out of the mossy and creepy bottom scenery that will have some witchy clever saying on it with a feathered owl perched on the top of the sign.  I'm loving it right now and it can only get better from here :)  It has nowhere to go but up.  The tree topper is one of Sherry's witch hats that has been slightly altered by me to suit the tree style.  I know this one will turn out spectacular in the end!  It was inspired by my love of vintage witches and Halloween.  And fall is coming, I can feel it in the morning air when I step outside.  My favorite time of year!  So crisp and fresh and cool.  And colorful where I live, the trees turn pretty colors :)  Anyway, here's what I have so far:  

These haunted/spooky miniature topiaries I just made sold right away.

Now I have to tell you abut Sherry's latest creation that is just fantastic!  Man did she do a good job and the pictures do not do this piece justice!  She's made a Harry Potter mini again that is so "magical" in person.  A Dumbledore's study cabinet with an hand-feathered owl and Dumbledore's glasses :)  Take a look!

       How cool is that?!  I love it!  She said she was sad to see it go, she loved her little owl :)  And I must say it is very well done in person!  And the books are handmade and well aged looking.  Very well done Sherry!  And those tiny little glasses she made by hand.  That could not have been easy!  I will say Sherry has begun ordering parts for the splendid octagon cabinet in Dumbledore's study that was filled with nothing but gorgeous clear glass bottles.  Does anyone remember that cabinet from the movie?  It was stunning.  I know for a fact that she has ordered 50 lovely hand-blown glass bottles to use in the cabinet from the Ukraine.  It will have to be specially built and she is claiming it will be as well done as she can make it.  She's putting her heart into this one :)  I'm sure it will be the only one in existence when she makes it, because it's just too difficult to do!  No one is brave enough to try it but Sherry!  I sure wasn't gonna :)  Although I have always admired that cabinet. 

I am still SLOWLY working on my Gryffindor common room fireplace.  It's built, basically.  But it's very very hard for me and will take me awhile.  I think I have a good start though!  And it's very sturdy.  Too soon for pictures but I'll post them when I get comfortable enough with my progress to show you all :)


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  2. Your trees are just so original! I love all of them =) The candy one is perfect for any candy shop, it'd look great in Honeydukes ♥♥ And the Sherry creation is awesome!
    Have a great Sunday! xx

  3. Tus trabajos son siempre sorprendentes y fantasticos.
    Me encantan esos arboles negros.
    El mueble esta lleno de grandes detalles, genial!!
    besitos ascension

  4. You have such beautiful ideas for your trees Tara, Autumn is my fav time of the year too, cant wait! Really looking forward to the new cabinet from Sherry and also your fireplace!Did you get my email? Kate xxx

  5. Tara, I love the trees, they are always beautiful and original. Sherry's work is really fantastic!
    A hug.