Saturday, August 20, 2011

My last miniature theme tree done :)

I am SICK TO DEATH of trees lol!  I have one custom order for one that I'm still waiting on parts for and then I am so done!  Yicky, I need to move on to other things :)  I have two custom orders (but I'm waiting on parts) so I'll be working on my Harry Potter Gryffindor Common Room Fire Place in the mean time.  Yay!  Here's what I did with my Candy Tree:

I included this candy cabinet with this one because I felt like it :)  Ok I wanted to try a new candy technique and then I just went ahead and finished the cabinet afterward.  The whole cabinet is "candied", meaning the whole thing is covered in a faux sugar coating :)  It's pretty cool in person.  I liked it.  It's really "crystallized" in person.  Anyone can put candy in a cabinet, but most people don't have the cabinet itself candy-like.  I just took it a step further than most people.  The decorations are simple, but could be easily added to.  Imagination is key, the sky's the limit!  Basically it's next best thing to being a free add on to this tree because I usually sell these trees for around this price anyway.  So it's a two for one deal :)  And trust me when I say, you'll find no one doing this amount of work at this price!  

Now I have a quick question for you all.  Does anyone know where I can find a clear shot of Dumbledore's memory cabinet, the one with the fancy cathedral top?  I can't find a close up shot that's good of the top of that thing!   

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