Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Blog Giveaway Winners Announced :) 19th Day Minis 2nd blog giveaway is over!

Hello all, as you know every 50 new followers we host a blog giveaway!  This time around we had a customer only giveaway for those people who have supported Sherry and I during the time we have had our shop open: by making purchases from our store which enables us to keep up our favorite hobby!
Next time will be for everyone!  Tell a friend to follow us here on this blog and hurry along our next giveaway :)  Each new follower who joins pushes the next giveaway time closer and closer :)  We love you guys and can't wait to give you more goodies!  

Anyways, I put names in a hat and had my daughter draw names to be completely fair and unbiased.  I have some good friends I have made along the way here and there are so many of you by now that I couldn't in good conscience draw myself so I had my little girl do it :)  She's 9 so she was very excited she was the one picking who won :)  Nothing keeps you completely honest like your child there watching you!  
Well anyway, my husband was at work and I couldn't wait to see who won out of all my dear buddies :)  

The first name she drew was...Michelle from Kentucky!  Congrats Michelle!  Michelle chose the largest blue candy shelf as her prize :)  She is a new customer who recently ordered a selection of individual Honeydukes candies from us to add in to her Honeydukes she's making :)  We'd love to see it when you get finished Michelle!

The second name she drew was Zepha from Illinois!  Congrats Zepha!  She chose the second pink candy shelf for her Honeydukes she's making :)  Zepha is the proud owner of a 19th Day Minis collection including the Red Queen Trolley and the first Honeydukes Trolley I made with the witch on it that everyone loved so much :)  Thanks Zepha!  Enjoy your new prize :)

The third name she drew was Benedetta from Italy!  Benedetta has won the last available item which was the small lolly display table.  Benedetta owns the Alice in Wonderland Tree I made recently along with several other 19th Day Minis items :)  Thank you Benedetta!  I hope you like your lolly display table when you see it in person :)  

We appreciate all of you and I am so sorry I couldn't have gifts for everyone who entered!  I wish you all could have won!  Thanks to all who did enter and please remember there will be more giveaways in the future with new prizes to be won :)  Keep entering to win and next time it could be you!  AND, next time will be for everyone who follows this blog so keep checking in :)

Hugs!  ~Tara, 19th Day Minis   


  1. You have been very generous in this giveaway. Congratulations to the winners!

  2. Your blog have a lot of awesome things to see! I love your work! I didn't know about your blog, now I'm your follower.
    Love! =)