Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Dollhouse Miniature Coraline-Themed Christmas Tree in Progress and updates on the Giveaway

I have been hard at work making the next tree which is a Coraline theme tree.  This tree may also be spoken for, I'll let you know when I get it closer to done whether my new client has truly decided to buy this.  The last Honeydukes tree is indeed sold, currently on layaway in my store.  Thank you for inquiring, but it did sell.  Sorry!  Perhaps one day I'll get around to another version of a Honeydukes tree :)  I'm trying to keep these all OOAK so if someone should order one when I'm ready in the future it will have to be a little different :)  I have another Harry Potter tree custom order so I'll post updates as I make the new one of those :)  Anyways, I'll show you what I have done to this one I'm making now.  The circus mouse on top of the tree is not quite finished yet, I still have to make him arms and a hat.  Small sculpts like this are always a challenge!  He is one inch tall, yikes!  Try making clay button eyes with four holes THAT small, not easy to do!  I still have a ton of work to do on this one, I'll update it one more time when I finish it completely :)  Here's what I have so far:
What I have on here:  circus mouse, button key, spools of thread, growing plants like calla lilies and other flowers (Coraline loves to garden), spider ornament (the other mother turns into a spider creature), a dragonfly which is an exact copy of Coraline's hair clip and dragonflies crop up over the course of the movie, stars like the ones on her sweater the other mother makes her, the red ball on top with the star on it was one of the ghost children's eyes, big frothy whips of cotton candy that are quite pretty in person (during the mouse circus these were shot out of a cannon),  prettily painted frames with pictures of Coraline and the other mother in them, and a variety of other bulb ornaments in shades that suit the look of the tree.  And as I said before, the tree itself is indigo blue and sparkly which doesn't show up on the pictures well :(  I'm having a terrible time taking pictures right now because of a foggy camera lens (humidity is thick here right now).  I plan on making the other Mother's needle hand climbing the side of the tree before I'm all done.  At one point during the movie the hand is snapped off her body and comes after Coraline, hehe.  It crawls along like a spider on it's fingertips.  It seems fitting it should be climbing on this tree :) 

The tree skirt matches the other mother because she turns into a spider chick :)  And the ruffle perfectly matches the color of the tree, indigo blue.
      Foggy pics, ugh :(  Stupid humidity!  It's so bad here right now I can't remember it being this bad for years.

The base will have a variety of things like the "little me" Coraline doll with button eyes, a welcome home cake like the other mother makes for her, and a variety of other things specific to the movie :)  Should be cute when done.  Like I said, I'll post pics when it's all finished up.  

Now for the giveaway news:

The giveaway will commence tomorrow so please submit your name here at my etsy store IF you have previously bought something from our store: http://www.etsy.com/shop/tarayvonne?ref=si_shop  you will be eligible!  I'm very sorry but this time around is only for loyal customers who have supported Sherry and I's work.  Next time we have a giveaway it will be for everyone but this time it's only for customers of our store.  We wanted to do something nice for those people who have supported and loved our work and made it possible for us to keep doing this :)  You mean the world to us!  Thank you! 

Please submit your name to the above web address if you have not done so previously, the names entry closes at 12 noon US central time tomorrow.  Thank you and good luck! 

Hugs-Tara, 19th Day Minis


  1. Cute Coraline tree Tara, the little mouse is darling! Kate xxx

  2. Awesome! Besides, how is usually your work. :D