Friday, July 25, 2014

New Dollhouse Miniature Harry Potter Honeydukes Candy Cart Trolley 1/12 scale

Hello, happy Friday everyone!  I've been working when I can on another candy trolley and I'm getting closer to being done so I thought I'd show you what I have so far.  My photos are pretty bad because we have a storm rolling in and I had to shoot them quick before the rain came on.  The wind was blowing pretty bad so they didn't turn out very well, I was struggling to keep the miniature from blowing over, yikes.  So these two horrible shots are all I could get to turn out:

Here's a shot of the Cornish pixie from the movie:

The Cornish pixie still needs wings, but I think considering how small he is (not an inch tall) that I managed to work a lot of detail into his face.  His face is about the size of the head of a pencil eraser, so you can imagine how hard that is to make look like the movie original.  It took me forever to make that little guy! And I still need to make wings.  Otherwise I have cupcakes, acid pops, the pixie is sitting on a bottle of butterbeer (labeled with the real butterbeer label), a frothing glass of butterbeer with a nice foamy head on it, a peppermint toad painted chocolate brown, red, white and mint green.  A large display of red licorice candy ropes, a sectioned cauldron of foamy colored potions with candy sticks and ice cream cones rising out of the potions, and in the back you can see two large sugary purple and green cotton candy cones.  The pixie appears to be reaching for a bite of the green one while he sits atop the butterbeer bottle.

Up next, I attempt to make a house elf which should be more easy I should think because he's as tall as the candy trolley.  It should be so much easier to get detail on a face and body that's larger.  I thought the pixie would be easier, ha!  Yeah right.  Too small to be easy :)

Anyway, this looks a lot better in person because I had no time to shoot a good photo because of the weather.  So many of the details are not showing up in the bad photos.  Ah well, maybe next time.  Happy collecting everyone!  And have a great weekend as well. 

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