Saturday, August 2, 2014

Dollhouse Miniature Harry Potter Honeydukes Candy Trolley with House Elf finished :)

I'm all done and I managed to turn out a decent enough house elf to push the candy trolley, yay!

I'm not great at body sculpting but I did ok on the  face I think.  This is meant to be a random house elf, not Dobby exactly but loosely based on him.  This is a Honeydukes shop hand at work selling candy to the children.

Without further explanation, here it is:

He's not quite as grungy as most house elves, because hey he's a candy server.  Who wants to buy candy from a dirty little elf???  Exactly :)  Ewwww.  Slightly smudged, but not much.  And he has a tiny Honedukes badge on his chest.

This cart was already spoken for but I can always make more-although I'm never going to make exactly the same thing twice out of respect for the original buyer.  There will be small differences to keep them unique.

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