Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Dollhouse Miniature Sewing Witch Halloween Christmas Tree and Fairy Fireplace 1/12 scale

Hey everyone, I have a couple new miniatures I haven't posted yet so I wanted to share them with you.  I have a new theme tree done and only one more planned for the rest of this year.  This one that's done is a sewing witch tree similar to one my MIL Sherry made years ago.  I never made one and I had one mini sewing machine left so I figured I'd make one too.  Here it is:

Even witches need a holiday that doesn't involve tricks or treats! This tree belongs to a crafty little witch, who knows how to turn a stitch :) She likes her trees black, her hats pointing and droopy and tricked out fancy, her potions nefarious, and her sewing is divine! What a woman!
This tree reflects her personal style. Topped with a jaunty leather witch hat with a tiny owl clutching onto the side while a snowy owl perches below on the tree, the rest of the tree is covered in tiny brooms, potions, candles dripping wax, all sorts of witchy goodness. Underneath the tree sits an antique singer-style sewing machine working away with a pile of tiny sewing patterns for various witch outfits sitting around it. Sewing baskets, a witch boot pin cushion with needles, a bubbling cauldron with oozing green potion, a cute little broom decorate the base of the tree on a witchy tree skirt. This tree is completely tricked out and hand-crafted from top to bottom. Amazing!

This tree measures roughly 7 inches tall, close to 5 inches wide at the base give or take a little because of the stuff sticking off the sides.
Available here:

And this is a fairy fireplace I did beforehand:

Available here:

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