Saturday, November 17, 2012

Getting closer on my Miniature Rudolph Christmas Tree

All I have left to do is make the Island of Misfit Toys characters.  Then I'm all done with this one :)  Hoping to have it listed in the next two days.  I heard from Sherry that she's making up to 4 new trees herself, the themes being 2 Cinderella trees, one candy tree, and one gemstone encrusted mini tree.  Since she started her store, she's bought a ton of cool gemstones online.  I guess she decided to make a totally gemstone tree for fun.  She said the garland is made from a ton of carats of peridot gemstones and they rest of the tree is covered in all other types of stones.  No idea, but it should be interesting to see it :)  It was a unique idea anyway.  I'll be starting my next tree next week I think.  I'm not sure yet which I plan on doing first between Wizard of Oz and Nightmare before Christmas.  Not sure :)  Here's what I have done with the Rudolph tree, minus the misfit toys.  I've started the Charlie in the Box toy, not sure yet which others I'll make:

 Charlie in the box will be sitting in the front of the wheel barrow, I know that much.  There will be more toys of course.

Closer look at the bottom:

Back of the tree:
I wish these pictures had turned out more clear.  The detail is really lost no matter what I do.  But you get the idea though.  Now for the toy sculpting :)  Should be challenging to do toys so small.

More of Sherry and I's jewelry:

                                                                 Genuine Mystic Chrysoprase


  The store is finally taking off I think, and we'll be adding more and more to it as we go along.  And it'll be mostly genuine gemstone jewelry from here on out.
Store link:

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  1. Your tree creation is great every time I see it the song "We're from the ilse of misfit toys" comes to mind!!