Sunday, October 23, 2011

A little more progress on my miniature Mrs. Lovett's Meat Pie Counter

It's slow going, but I'm getting somewhere finally.  I've had a constant stream of activity at my house and people in and out so my time for working has been limited at the moment.  Retired parents and kids in and out have made a difference on my progress.  It will be done sometime!  Anyways I thought I'd show you all what I do have done.  The process of tiling the whole thing tile by tile has been rough!  Man it takes along time!  But I still don't think there would have been a better way to get the look I achieved without doing it this way.  There would have been no good way to get the weathered dirtiness of the counter without putting the time in on it that I have.  And as you can see from the back of the counter picture I'm not done yet.  And those tiles haven't been distressed to look old and dirty enough yet.  And the arrangement of things on this is not the way it will be, I'll refer to the movie to get that right.  And the pies are not made yet of course.  I still have to make the dirty vegetables for the basket, a dirty kitchen hand towel, the pies, a barrel of buggy cornmeal, the bugs that go all over the whole thing, the rolled out floured pie crust, a bowl of broken open eggs, etc.  I have my work cut out for me.  There's still plenty to do.  But I think what I have so far is very accurate to the movie and I'm happy with it.  I'll be a lot happier in the end of course when it's done.  I like the little fingers and eyes in the bowl of runny meat for the pie filling :)  My fingers turned out well, and they are so tiny!  Do you guys think the bucket of intestines and meat cuts should go underneath the counter or on top of it?  I really did a good job on them, they are really gross in person and realistic!  There are even little red veins running over the surface of the intestines :)  And I took a lot of time on the finish of the bucket as well as the barrels to get them looking aged and just right.  There will be more stuff in this, I just need time to make it all!  I want it full and gross :)  I might even make a little mouse to stick under the counter just for good measure, as though he's been in the cornmeal or something.  Matter of fact I think I'll have him in the cornmeal!  Sticking out of the barrel.  That barrel isn't in the photo because I haven't got the cornmeal in it yet.  Here's what I have so far:



  1. Fantastic so far Tara, i can see it being brill, isnt it hard not having enough hours in the day! I think the intestines would be good behind the counter, wont put the customers off the pies so much he he! Katexx

  2. I was searching for some inspiration for my own Sweeney Todd project and came across yours. Fantastic job so far! You are doing what I am in using the movie sets as inspiration. I am working in quarter inch scale with 3 levels - barber shop and parlor on top, pie shop in middle and ovens and meat grinder below. I invite you to check out my blog:
    I definitely like how your blog is set up a lot better than mine but I have much to learn. I would like to subscribe and watch your progress.