Monday, October 10, 2011

Dollhouse Miniature Marie Antoinette Set done, and other new items

I've been having a bit of trouble at home with our renovations to our house, so mini making has been on the back burner :(  Why is it when you tear into an old house that you find more issues than you ever thought you would?  Anyway, sleep has been hard to come by and things got a little crazy.  We've gotten some help from family and friends now and are finally getting a little peace.  Heck last night I even got some sleep!  I did finally get my Marie set done though, and a couple other things listed that were quicker to do:

Eeek, you can see my shirt and jacket in the mirror :)  I was a little iffy about the face on the wig stand, but I figure anyone who might not like it could easily paint it plain white with craft paint and it would look like a faceless mannequin head stand.  Everything else is pretty I think.  This is a totally girly set.
Also, this is OOAK.  It won't be made EVER again lol.  
Available here in my store:

Here's neat little thing, a witch vanity table:

A pretty little witch's vanity, for your dollhouse! I personally think not all witches are hideous old crones! I mean really, they start out young at some point don't they? Just picture a young Bellatrix Lestrange getting ready to go out and there you have it, her setting at a vanity table like this one getting ready! There's even a beautiful box of poisons on the table! What else? Sex-ay

little black gloves that have recently done some dirty work, a vanity tray with bottles and a single rose from an admirer, a book on palm reading for the girl "in the know", a mirrored compact with powder puff, a gorgeous little facial mirror on stand with a crescent moon and a little lady witch laying back on it. Like I said, this is for a girl who knows not only how to cast a spell (and not just with a wand :), but also knows her way around a good curse or hex!

And then a necklace I just made and listed (not a miniature, a regular necklace to be worn):

Both of these can be found here:

Yay, life is getting a little back to normal for me now :)

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