Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Finished my Miniature Honeydukes Cabinet :)

It's already sold, I'm sorry to say, but it's finished now and I figured I'd show you all anyway :) 

This is my version of a sweet cabinet from the famed Honeydukes Sweet Shop, from the Harry Potter movies. I went for the darker, more wizarding look of the Honeydukes Shop in the movies, instead of the purely pastel version in the theme park. I wanted to keep the witchy look of that world, a darker, magical version of it. A variety of sweets mentioned not only in the books but also in the movies have been made by me, completely by hand. Every lolly, every jelly slug-all made by me. Inside the bottom of the cabinet is a price list with the name of every sweet and what they cost in "knuts"-the wizarding world's coins. A basket of assorted "sweeties" with price posted sit wrapped individually in plastic wrappings inside a blue basket that stands out prettily from the red-painted bottom inside cabinet. The top of the cabinet sports a lovely little owl on the top post, as well as a potted Bertie Botts Every Flavor Bean plant :) A large red-bowed jar of Black Pepper Imp candies on waxed paper strips sits also on top of the cabinet. A gorgeous little fanned-out lolly display adorns the round enclave of the shelving unit. The whole effect is quite charming :) The cabinet even has a black metal cauldron full of Honeydukes chocolate bars in case you have a nasty run in with a dementor!

I think it turned out sweet-no pun intended, lol-and I'm still waiting on my doilies to come in so I can finish up my trolley that matches-also sold btw.  I managed to make a red polymer riser for underneath my cauldron on this one to show the cauldron is actually there :)  But I want to wait on my doilies for the trolley.  I have one more custom order trolley to make but it will be slightly different in order to keep these one of a kind.  And also to keep the work interesting and not tedious as well, that's very important.  Anyway, here it is:

Sheesh, I wish I could turn out pictures that really showcase what I've done instead of take away from the look of it :(  Here in person, so much prettier!  All the details are lost in these.  But at least you can get the idea of it.  At least my customer will get to see how nice it really is!

Stay tuned for more updates on the rest of the pieces as well as new and interesting ideas of 19th day Co-Creator Sherry's on her blog:

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  1. So so colourful and full of detail, its great Tara, bet your thrilled with how it turned out. My Honeydukes will be more of the girly colours in the Universal shop, but I love this look too! Kate xxx