Sunday, April 3, 2011

5 New Witch Hats Now in the Store!

Here's new and better pictures of one of the hats Sherry has made and is available in the store.  All previous pictures were Sherry's, and they are ok but she has trouble taking good pictures because she has no room to set up a proper photo taking area in her home.  Proper lighting and all that would help a lot.  She does the best she can, but I truly feel her pictures detract from how pretty the hats really are in person.  So when I got in this shipment, I retook the pictures of the last leather hat available in the store to show it in better lighting conditions.  All of the other hats would be the same in the correct photo setup and would look so much better in person as well.  Here are my pictures of the last leather hat in our store:

Newly listed witch hats by 19th Day Co-Creator Sherry:

All available at the links below each witch hat :)  Super cute and witchy little 1/12 scale miniature hats :)

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