Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Update on the miniature Halloween Headless Horseman

Sherry and I have been hard at work when we can on this Headless Horseman's horse Goblin (as referred to in the original story about Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving which can be read here:
We have been hand-sculpting the horse which is not done yet and has no ears at this point and makes him look strange.  He will have ears of course, as well as a neck and gorgeous Tibetan lambs wool hair mane and long tail.  He will need to be smoothed out by sanding and then painted, so this is rough yet.  But Sherry did a lovely job sculpting the face while I have been busy building the body.  I think he will be quite fearsome in the end :)  He'll have red eyes!  The horseman will be dressed in black with a partially red cape and of course have no head.  He will instead be holding a flaming pumpkin head as if he were about to throw it at someone :)  Sherry and I will be building a leather saddle as well as a bridle.  It should be petty cool before it's all over.  Here's what we have so far:

I think he'll be really good in the end.  He's pretty rough right now, but I won't rest until he's as good as I can manage.  I know Sherry's on her game with this one too, so we'll both be working to get him right and his master as well :)


  1. Awesome work on that horse so far!! You can really see he is going to be quite impressive. Great sculpting.

  2. Can't believe my eyes ! that is amazing and beautiful. Yes it is a great sculpting !

  3. Wow, hes going to be co cool, you tow choose the best movies to choose creations from! Have fun! kate xxx

  4. Thanks everyone! We're having a fun and challenging time with this one :) It's hard to do but worth it!