Monday, September 19, 2011

A grave situation, in miniature :) And another Harry Potter Miniature for good measure

Ok you know how I said I wouldn't be making any more minis until Sherry got here?  Well apparently I fibbed :)  Having caught the Halloween fever I couldn't help but whip up a few haunted house graves.  These are messy to make, and not a lot of fun to clean up after doing.  I figured I'd save someone else the hassle and make some in case anyone was making a spooky scene and needed some.  I had last years graveyard scene which I didn't really like how it turned out at all.  I took on too big of a project and wimped out on it after so long.  And I was so new to mini making that I just didn't have the experience yet to do it as well as it needed done.  I tore it apart and used some of the parts to make smaller individual graves.  These could be added into a scene much easier.  I'll zip it and just show you:

The first is a more traditional grave with an additional calla arrangement made by Sherry can can be placed anywhere.
The second is a pair of graves that can be used together or seperately.  They are more Halloweenish in design and have the funny skeletons coming up out of the dirt.  Man these pictures are horrid, so much better in person :( 

Another thing, I've added a set of Harry Potter mini butterbeer bottles and pumkin juice bottles up for general sale in the store. 

I had two custom orders for these so I figured if I'm making them might as well add a set for general sale too :) 
Everything available here:

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  1. hé hé, that is funny :) I like very much the pumpkin bottles too. Mini hugs !