Thursday, June 23, 2011

Fairies like Cottage Style too, and what's next for Tara at 19th Day Miniatures

I put together this cutie patootie little cottage cabinet last night because I had some boss cottage style fabrics I was dying to use on something.  I think the whole effect was charming, but hey that's just me :)  Sherry had made these really cute little plant pots with hand sculpted everything in them for me when I was first starting and I was waiting on the right thing to add them in.  Oh and my Mom makes those wild little fairy bottles and wreaths so in they went too.  And I filled a darling little nut bowl with assorted fruits Sherry also made for me to use in whatever.  I washed a worn cottage blue and green finish on the cabinet and added cute little pink rose drawer pulls.  One of Sherry's cute little bunches of cherries provided the perfect color accent for the top of the cabinet for a pop of color.  It's just the sweetest thing :)  Here it is:

I must be in a sort of a fairy type mood right now because I also made this necklace with polymer clay, a glass bottle, wire, charms and swarovski beads:

And then for fun I made this absinthe charm necklace.  Absinthe isn't something I would try but I have a terrible curiosity about it.  It comes up so often in movies that it makes me feel curious.  And the whole "green fairy" thing also amuses me.  I had a little green bottle sitting here and it made me think of doing a necklace out of it.  Making the little sugar cube bowl was fun and put my miniature making skills to good use.  I even made a little filigree spoon with a sugar cube on it :)  And I love that particular absinthe picture I used in the pendant.

on the top is a cute goth little ring I made to match, I'll add a closer picture:

A little dark for my taste but I like making things for all types of people :)  And I enjoy stretching the limits of my own imagination too.

All of these are available in my stores:

And what's coming up next for me?  I want to make some really good harry potter minis in honor of the last film being put out soon.  A fireplace perhaps, and a regular HP christmas tree with things like golden snitches, nimbus 2000, invisibility capes, ron's mom's sweater with an R on it, etc.  And I know Sherry's cooking up an idea for a Honeydukes Sweet Shop christmas tree as well because hey, during the movies it was snowing in Hogsmeade Village-which means it was Christmas time!  A candy-themed tree?  Oooooohhhhh boy!  How cute will that be?

Thank you Ascension, I wish I could leave comments on your blog but right now my comments section is not working for me :(  But thank you for your kind words all the time!


  1. Que preciosidad de mueble, me gusta cada uno de los detalles que has puesto.
    Unas preciosas joyas, enhorabuena.
    besitos ascension

  2. As always imaginative and stunning work Tara, I can look at your pieces for ages and always see new things! The jewellery is very different and I like that! Of course Im meag excited to see new HP minis coming soon, a Christmas tree you say.........well you know how much I love Sherrys last tree she made and I am lucky enough to own!! Kate xxx

  3. This cabinet looks very pretty. I love the colors.
    Regards from Craftland