Monday, May 23, 2011

Dollhouse Miniature Candyland/Willy Wonka Trolley almost done

I literally only have three more tiny things to make before the trolley is done.  I don't have time today because my son has a thing we have to go to for school today.  But I thought I could go ahead and post because it's nearly done and all I have to do basically is make the candy trees that go with it.  They won't be large, not much bigger than the trolley itself.  I'll start them tomorrow.  For now, I can show you this until I have the set completed which won't be long now.  I have to say this is my best piece to date, it's truly a labor of love and time.  I have worked slowly and enjoyed it, taken my time and done well.  It started really as a candyland theme but has evolved into a candyland/willy wonka and the chocolate factory trolley due to the lack of proper candy labels from anything candland related.  But, I'm glad it happened that way :)  It was really fun looking for wonka labels and finding my own "golden ticket" which now resides on the trolley next to the glass vase of lollies :)  I love this piece, truly love it and I am so proud of it.  My best work in my opinion to date :)  Anywho, here it is:

I just have to fill a little dish with candies (easy) and make a couple little draw-string bags with candy in them to stick in a couple spots that need something.  And make those small candy trees for on either side of the trolley :)  Should be a fun challenge.  I'll post an update when I'm all done.

Oh and, here's a funny little witch's/wizard night table stand I made for fun the other night when my brain was fried from too much candy-making:

It's all decked out in everything a witch could need, save the wand-because any good witch knows you don't just leave that laying around :) Someone might sneak in and swipe it! Much safer underneath your pillow :) Instead, this has the much needed hat stand for taking off one's hat at the end of a long day of potion making. Spell books, because you never have a better time to brush up on your potions knowledge than right before bed. Speaking of potions, here he or she left three of them bottled up in neat little bottles marked with poisonous tags. And scrolls, there are always scrolls piled here and there in a wizard's house-everyone knows that! Cloak has been hastily tossed away in the drawer with a little left hanging out because a witch has better and more dubious things to do than tidy up :) Last but not least is her Sister, currently transfigured into a frog because they got into an argument and there's no better way to end that and shut her up than by turning her into a frog for the night! That'll teach her! The only way to know this frog is really a witch is by her little witch hat sitting on the frog's little head :) That gives it away :) So now you know what exactly would be sitting on the night stand of a witch :) Oh yeah, and the hat is genuine rustic suede as well. Quality is important to me in my materials.


  1. Totally loving the trolley! Wow what a difference a few days makes this is super stacked which I love! The little witches cupboard is very cool Tara, busy bee you! Kate xxx

  2. Mr. Wonkas table and the witch nightstand are so sweet. I love your colorful work.

  3. El primer carrito te ha quedado de "dulce", precioso y con unos detalles absolutamente maravillosos y bien hechos.
    El segundo, la mesita con cosas de bruja "me he enamorado"....genial!!!!!
    besitos ascension

  4. What a wonderful piece. I love it!