Thursday, December 16, 2010

3rd Place Winner Berri's Prize :)

The third place winner of my first blog giveaway went to Berri, and she told me she wanted a shapeshifter type potion.  After some research, I came up with nothing really but the same type of werewolf potions and shape-shifting information I had already done for Victoria.  So starting from scratch, I decided to make something up of my own.  Totally fictitious, but cool nonetheless.  I called it Metamorphosis Changeling Potion.  I built a two-section box and blackened it, lined one side with red velvet material.  Into one side went the potion bottle, the other side has an assortment of items needed to work this magic.  A small second bottle of potion, hand-dipped candle sticks, a rolled parchment, a wand.  Pretty self-explanatory, but I think it turned out nice.  I'll be shipping this off to Berri today, hope she likes it :)  And then I have two more custom orders to fill before I can start my beloved tea cart for the red queen!  I have six more roses to complete, then another custom order came in for items based on the movie Coraline by Tim Burton.  It'll be up to the customer if she would like these items, but I was thinking of doing the beetle chair and possibly the fireplace from the "other Mother's" house.  She has commissioned the bow-topped box with needle, thread and button eyes that the other Mother gives to Coraline so that she can stay in the other world forever.   This project should be fun :)  I'll let you know what I end up making when I finally get there.  Okie doke-here's Berri's prize:


  1. Lucky Berri, it is beautiful. I just love my potion box.

    Thank you so much Tara :)
    Victoria ♥

  2. You are very welcome m'dear! Big hugs! ~Tara

  3. me parece que es perfecta, y a conseguido lo que quería.
    un abrazo

    I think it is perfect, and got what he wanted.
    a hug

  4. Very cool Tara. oooh so excited to see the red queens tea cart, and the Coraline things, another of my fav movies, which I bought for the children but its too scary for them so I watch it over and over instead! I wonder if your customer will have a Coraline doll, that would be very cool! Kate xx

  5. Yes she does have one, and a doll ordered based on the "other Mother" as well :) Yes indeed, very cool!

  6. oh oh oh! yay! i love it! i've been out of touch the past few days. thank you so so much tara! i can't wait to see it in real life:)
    thanks again!


  7. I can't wait to see the Coraline minis!