Sunday, October 17, 2010

Updates on the graveyard scene 10/17/10

I got the basic scene all but done now I just have to add a gothic black fence partially around the back and half of the sides.  That I'll be working on tonight.  Then I have to sculpt the girl there to pay her respects, clothe her and add the fine details that I want in it.  I think I'll do a rose arrangement on the top of the grave now that I think about it.  That would add more detail to the grave itself. 

Anyone have any suggestions as to what would be nice in it other than the girl standing there?  I'd love to hear feedback!

I still have details to add to the tree, I'm not completely happy with it yet.  Probably more leaves and birds and a nest.  I think I'll try a hanging nest, that would be pretty.


  1. Beautiful Tara! I just love your tree.

    Victoria ♥

  2. Una escena preciosa.
    El arbol es fantastico.
    besitos ascension

  3. I'm with Victoria, I Love the tree...

  4. Fantastic, will make a great spooky setting, the tree is wonderful! Kate xx

  5. deseo con todo el corazón ver terminada la escena le esta quedando genial.
    un abrazo

    I wish with all my heart to see him complete the scene is being cool.
    a hug

  6. Tara, the halloween scene is perfect...Wow everything is so detailed. I can't wait to seethe picures of the girl you are making. Keep up the great work.

  7. Thanks guys :) I'm just putting the finishing touches to the partial "wrought iron" fence that I wrapped around the back and a small portion of the sides. After I get that done and the birds and nest I'll repicture it for the blog. The girl I'm leaving for last because I don't want to be thinking of anything else when I'm working on her. I'll take my time on her but I don't think sculpting her will take more than an hour or two. A whole zombie elephant took me an hour. Her of course I'll be more careful with.