Tuesday, July 20, 2010

HP minis are so fun! Monster Book of Monsters

This is the top cover which is unfinished of course for the Monster Book of Monsters from HP.  He is only sculpted and labeled.  Needs hair all over, teeth, pages, a tongue, back cover etc.  UPDATES BELOW!

Here is a potions chest, ingredients box & stationary set that I sold awhile back:    I have so many more I want to try, like the sorting hat.

Updates on the Monster book!~~~~
still unfinished-but with spine and back cover and pages now

This book is 1 3/8 inches long.  A little bigger than I would like but I had to do that because the eyes I had were 4 mm eyes.  Ideally I would have liked to have 3 or maybe even 2 mm eyes for a 1/12 scale book.  But it's still within range so it's fine.  Plus the Monster book wasn't exactly the smallest book anyway :)  I need to make a tongue and upper and lower teeth now and the last part will be adding hair to the book.  That way the hair doesn't get messed up by too much handling while you work on the other parts. 

New updates as of July 21, 2010 @ 9 pm:  Top Teeth :) Not painted or finished but they are on there at least.
I had to rework the teeth a little when I saw that they weren't straight but more arched.  Here he is with a bottom jaw now and painted gums:

Now for the dangly fur thingies and adding fur to the rest of him.  Oh yeah, and his tongue.

Updates as of Friday July 23:

The top cover is all sculpted now, although has no hair yet.  His tongue is finally on too.  I have to add tentacles to the bottom cover and book spine yet.  And then the hair...

I cannot get a good picture of this finished book to save my life!  Oh well, here it is:

He's supposed to look mangey like the one in the movie.  I don't think I got him quite as mangey as I should have but I tried.  And these pictures are so bad compared to how this little guy looks in person.  What a bummer, I need a new camera.    Pumpkin Juice

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  1. Hi Ive just discovered your blog through Victorias blog and its fab! Your work is spectacular, love it all! I love Harry Potter and Alice, I have ongoing projects for both. Love this book, is it or will it be for sale. Also loved the little cabinets you made with all the potion ingredients so would be interested if you make more of those! Keep up the great work! Kate xx