Monday, April 2, 2012

Spring in Illinois brings babies, flowers, gardens growing, and Miniature Fairy things :)

Spring is in full bloom here in Illinois and I've been out working in my yard, trying to clean it up from the ickiness of fall and winter.  I have a large yard, lots of trees so it's difficult and time consuming.  Less time for mini making right now :(  And good weather brings in more family and friends to my house as well.  It's pleasant here so everyone comes in for food and fun.  Yesterday was no exception.  We attended a flea market in the morning, which for those of you who don't know what that is, it's a sort of huge gathering of people who bring things to sell like pets, livestock, rare birds, household items, handmade goods, plants, etc.  We picked up baby mallard ducks, and a baby goat still on a bottle.

For anyone who hasn't raised a farm animal like these, they get very attached to people if they spend enough time with them.  They will love you and remember you forever.  I had a little goat like this when I was a child and no matter how far out she was if she heard me call her she'd come running as fast as she could.  She clearly loved me and would follow me wherever I went without food as a lure.  As I grew older and spent less time at the farm, time would elapse before I saw her again.  And no matter how old she got or how long it had been seen she saw me, the minute she heard my voice she would come running.  She did this for no one else but me.  And when she got to be an old girl and a little on the fat side, she'd still give it her best and run and fast as she could to reach me no matter how long it had been since the last time I had visited.  If I sat down on the ground she would lay down beside me with her head on my lap.  So my daughter is about the age I was when I got mine so when I saw that goat I knew I had to get her :)  My poor husband groaned and rolled his eyes lol :)  So it was we spent the day trying to rig up a place for her and good shelter, and then I spent the rest of the day digging up all my plants in the area and replanting them away from this little plant killer.  She'll eat everything in sight :)  Although right now she takes a bottle and if she feels the milk isn't coming out of it fast enough she jerks her head in impatience and knocks it clean out of my hands if I'm not holding onto it good :)  Ok enough about the goat, hehe.  Sorry I'm just having fun with her, it's like I'm 10 again.

Argh the wisteria vine is toppling the flag pole it's climbing on again, I'll have to get someone to pull it back upright AGAIN :)  Killer vine, but so pretty when it blooms!

My bleeding hearts plant inspired the bleeding hearts fairy house:

And since it's spring which makes me want to do fairy things, I put together this little fairy sewing notion cabinet last night at the end of a long nap that had me up all night;

Complete with little mossy stool for sitting at the sewing machine and a tiny fairy couture dress on a vine hanger.  Of course the wind blew the feathers on the dress all around so it was hard to get a good shot of it.  It's not that messy in person because the feathers are still.


  1. Aww, I loved the sweet story about you and your forever friend, the goat, and now you share that for your daughter! That is special! Hope to hear and see more!Spring came early here in Northern IL :)

  2. Que bonita la historia de la cabra!! La alacena de hadas es una maravilla!!

  3. Thanks for the comments everyone :) And for those of you who popped into my store to leave comments :) You all make me feel good about making minis!

  4. Love these where are all the craft supplies from?