Monday, March 5, 2012

Miniature Dollhouse complete

This custom order is finished, and just in time.  19th Day Miniatures former co-creator Sherry is soon to be here for vacation, and I'll be super busy while she's here for 9 days.  I say former because she's gotten into jewelry recently and has sort of dropped off on making minis for the time being.  I don't know if she'll be back or not around my store since she has her own now:

But anyway usually we make something cool together in mini form while she's back but this time we won't be doing that.  Last years collaboration turned out this really neat miniature headless horseman: 
which sold right away.
This time however I've asked her to teach me to knit.  I've always wanted to know how so hopefully she can help me out :)  There's always new skills I'm wanting to pick up on, another is needle felting.  I've bought some supplies to learn that in my spare time but I barely have that right now.  What little I have is taken up by planning our family vacation to the Harry Potter theme park, and all of those located here:
I've bought tickets to everything already and we're staying here:
The first video clip shows our hotel, the Loews Royal Pacific Resort and I am so excited!  Park to park unlimited access and all the perks :)  The kids are going to have so much fun, and they're taking a friend so it'll be even better.  If you ever get the chance to go you should :)  I can't wait to go to the "muggle" Honeydukes shop and have a look around.  Should give me ideas.  In the meantime I'm internet shopping for things to wear and take with us so the fun's already started for me.  


  1. Congratulations on the sale of your Headless Horseman!

  2. O boy! You are going to have a BLAST! I didn't want to leave HP WORLD. It is truly a magical place.

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