Saturday, February 26, 2011

Some work on the Alice in Wonderland Red Queen Cabinet

I'm working when I can on my Red Queen cabinet.  I just made the tiniest hand-made red bird I've ever seen :)  She's cute.  It's a little difficult to get a lot of detail on something that small but I tried.

Here's the nearly completed birdcage, just waiting to get her glued in place:

Can you see the pretty bowl of cherries in there for her to eat?

Here's a really sucky picture of the cage all put together except the red heart finials I have a make for the tips of the cage:
I hate trying to take pictures at night!  They never turn out good.  Just look at the pictures above this one of the cage, they look so much better.  Oh well.  You get the idea anyway.

Next I decided to make a very fancy hat stand for the red queen's hat I'm about to make:
You can't tell by the icky picture but it has fancy bling around the middle and top of the hat post.  The top and mid-section are actually pearl.  It's so pretty in person but of course there's no telling that on here :(

I'm starting the red queen hat based on this picture which is truly terrible because I tried to take it off the paused tv screen.  I looked and looked for a video or picture of this scene online to no avail.  So here's my craptacular picture of the tv screen on which I'm basing my version of the hat on Red Queen's head:

Here's the fabrics I'm using, the base of the hat being a supple black suede leather.

It will be similar to the picture, but my own version of it based on the materials I have available.  I'll post updates as soon as I have it done.

As for the background of my mythical creature scene, my husband liked the castle so well that he convinced me to get that one.  I guess I'll figure it out when it gets here.  I'm sure I can make it work :)


  1. Love the little bird and the cage is Awesome Tara.

    I think the second background would be best. The purple in it would pick up the purple from your fairy.

    Victoria ♥

  2. I knew you couldnt stay away from minis too long! The cage and bird are beautiful Tara, clever you! The hat is going to be amazing, that stand is brilliant already! looking forward to seeing more and hope all the kitchen is coming on ok! Kate xxxx

  3. That's my girl - the detail on the bird is beautiful and the cage is out of this world. Great job as always.

    Love ya,
    Mom-in-law, Sherry XOXO:-)

  4. What a sweet little bird! I'm excited to see the end result.