Friday, September 30, 2011

Updated with new pictures-The miniature Goblin Horse, steed of the Headless Horseman nearly complete

Sherry and I have worked diligently on Goblin, the Headless Horseman's horse for just under five days now.  Except for the hair around his feet and a few random small blood droplets, he's done :)  The glue around his feet is still drying so it looks wet in these photos.  We have worked seamlessly as a team, working on all parts of him and his riding tack (saddle, bridle, chest harness) to design him and his look and carry out our plans for him.  I also have the horseman sculpted as well as the jack o lantern head as well but they are not done yet.  He has to be fully dressed.  So far he has only his cowboy boots and naked booty to show off, so he's not fit to be seen yet :)

Sherry built from scratch this beautiful saddle out of leather and metal filigree pieces.  It turned out really gorgeous :)  We designed the look as a team and how it should be put together and decorated but she made it herself.  Since this was her first saddle, you can imagine how proud she was over how well it turned out!  Quite an accomplishment all on it's own for her.
No that's not our horse, hehe, that's my Christmas nativity scene's donkey :)  He made a good holder for the saddle while we worked on Goblin.

Well done Sherry!

And as for Goblin, he's quite lovely himself!  The saddle looked very nice on him.  I think for this being our first horse, we did very well (not to pat ourselves on the back, but you know!)

Here's our spooky boy!

Ok I know that's a ton of pictures but we're proud and must show him off!
The base will be very well done before the end with many kinds of moss, grasses, dirt, etc. and of course the horse will have his headless rider about to throw his flaming pumpkin head :)  We're being very careful to do a good job and it should be quite nice in the end.  We love him already :) 

Updated pictures of the Marie Antoinette set that is now painted and ready for decorated:

And I just made this 9" x 8" pumpkin patch last night for anyone who might need one:

Available here:



  1. Me too! He even has the spooky wild eyed look that , well done both of you, fantastic job! Looking forward to seeing that horseman! xx

  2. Great job on that horse and saddle! can't wait to see what the horseman looks like.