Monday, September 12, 2011

Custom Ordered Harry Potter Miniature Tree all finished :)

Okie doke, here it is :) 

I wanted to make this owl fluffier with more curly feathers because it's so cute that way. 

Thank you all for your kind words all of the time!  I wish Blogger was fixed so I could comment back!  Trust me, I read all of them and cherish every comment :)  Thank you for the praise on my work, that's always nice to hear!

This artwork photograph is courtesy of:
and is the work of the respective artist.
~~~~~~~~Stay tuned, Sherry and I will be working together on a super fun project when she gets here.  What will we be making?  Why a 1/12 scale headless horseman on a rearing black spooky horse holding his flaming pumpkin head in honor of the upcoming Halloween holiday!  I've ordered the lovely black wool hair for the horse and I'll begin sculpting him as soon as it gets here :)  This project should rock your socks guys and gals!  And it will be super duper fun for Sherry and I :) 

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  1. I love the tree! Such an amazing and awesome job.

    As for you not being able to comment, try unchecking the "remember me" box under where you sign in at. That worked for me. Good luck!