Sunday, October 2, 2011

Update-now SOLD-Our miniature version of the Headless Horseman is done :)

This item is now sold to someone in my area, it is no longer available.

Updated-new pictures:

Yesterday's post:
I only have to add a little hair around the hooves and this guy is finished :)  I would have had it done but the light was fading outside and I wanted to snap some pictures before I lost the opportunity to shoot them outside.  Sherry got him all dressed, I made his sword and put him on the horse with his flaming pumpkin head in his hand.  He's glued in, reins in hand.  I added some scenery to the base, just a little because I didn't want it to distract from the Horseman and his horse Goblin.  I added a little blood here and there, because this is the Hessian Horseman who collects heads until his own is returned :)  Of course there would be blood.  Tonight I'll be finishing him up by adding a little hair around the hooves of the horse and then he'll be listed tomorrow.  This was our big Halloween project and finishing it marks the end of our Halloween crafting.  I have some custom orders to do, but I want to finish up my Marie Antoinette set first.  I have some lovely ideas for it.  But for now, here's Sherry and I's version of the Headless Horseman (and yes it's lot of pictures but some are better than others or offer a better look at one thing or another):

I'm not going to blog this after I add the hair because the difference won't be enough to worry about.  This will be listed tomorrow sometime at the price of $275.00.  It's 9 1/2 inches tall, around 7 1/2 inches wide at the base.  It's a 1/12 scale horse and rider.  Also I forgot to mention that there is glow in the dark paint used here and there all over this set so there is some glow to it when the lights are off.  Key parts of the horse like the eyes, nostrils, hooves, etc. are glow painted.  And the horseman's neck is made of glow in the dark clay that really glows well :)